An Egyptian Engineer’s Journey: From STEM Education to IT Career Success in Japan

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From High-Tech Toilets to Career Dreams: An Egyptian Engineer’s Path to Japan  In grade school, I was scrolling through my social media feed when I came across the technological advancement that is Japanese Toilets. Have you seen a Japanese toilet? Everything it can do? It was amazing. I was astonished. You see in Egypt–toilet sanitation […]

Unlocking Career Opportunities in Japan: An Indonesian Engineer’s Journey

Inspiration Abroad: How a Teacher’s Experience Ignited a Career Path in Japan  As a child, I dreamed of working abroad without a specific country in mind.  My thesis supervisor had studied in Japan and shared various aspects of the country with me, from its advanced science and technology to everyday life, such as part-time jobs.  […]

Bridging Cultures: A Myanmar Graduate’s Transition to the Japanese Workforce

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Why I got interested in working in Japan I have always loved Japanese culture, including anime, and often watched popular anime such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Demon Slayer). There were two main reasons why my interest in Japan led me to find a job in Japan. First, I attended a Japanese company information session held […]

From Anime Inspiration to Data Science Career in Japan: A Resilient Journey

How Anime Fueled My Dream of Working in Japan Amidst the Pandemic  During the lockdown of Covid-19, I had a lot of time because of quarantine. When 2020 rolled out, I was watching everything I could on Netflix, so I wound up watching ONE PIECE and other anime available there. This started my interest in […]

Bridging Passions: The Road from Indonesian Anime Fan to Japanese Robotics Engineer

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Cultural Fascination to Technological Ambition  I first became interested in Japan through anime, which sparked a deep curiosity about the country’s culture. As I delved deeper into Japanese culture, I found myself falling in love with its unique charm and traditions.   My passion for robotics just added fuel to the fire to explore Japan, a […]

From J-POP Fan to IT Pro in Japan: Embracing Culture and Career

J-POP, manga, Shiina Ringo, Japan work culture, computer science career, FAST OFFER International, work-life balance, N2 certificate, Japanese IT industry, cultural adaptation

Discovering Japan: A Love Story with J-POP and Manga  Since I was a child, I have been interested in Japanese culture such as J-POP and manga. Because I liked listening to Shiina Ringo’s music, I had the idea of visiting Japan. In my freshman year of college, I traveled to Japan for the first time, […]

From Classroom to Career: Mastering Japanese for a Tech Job in Japan

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Igniting a Passion for Japan: From Language to Career  My fascination with Japan began during high school, sparked by a friend deeply engrossed in studying Japanese. Intrigued, I embarked on my own Japanese language journey, although it was short-lived, and I eventually abandoned it. However, my interest was reignited in university when I met a […]