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She is an IT student from India. She studied software and application development in college and is proficient in Python and C++. For her graduation project, she is working in a team to create an online community web app and is in charge of the back-end role. She is willing to actively acquire knowledge, including an internship at a company that develops AR services.

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-My Encounter with Japan and The Beginning of my Challenge- 

I first started learning about Japan during my sophomore year in college. By chance, I enrolled in an extra course on the Japanese language and decided to give it a try. In that class, we studied hiragana and katakana, and I found myself wanting to continue studying Japanese a little longer. So, in addition to my class, I started studying Japanese at a language school. There, I was introduced to Japanese culture, and among all the things I learned, I found the IT industry in Japan more challenging and exciting compared to India, which piqued my interest. Moreover, as I grew to like the Japanese language, I started thinking about wanting to work in Japan. 

Then, I learned about FAST OFFER International and began my job search in Japan. It was interesting to see how different the hiring processes were between India and Japan. In India, they asked about skills, IT language, and experience, but in Japan, they seemed to focus more on a person’s character, way of thinking, compatibility with the company, as well as their potential contributions. The selection process involved web tests and interviews, which were different from those in India and quite intriguing. In India, there were numerous tests for IT skills, but in Japan, I had to prepare for interviews for 1-2 weeks, which required a different approach. Although there weren’t many other exams to take, I received a lot of help from my assigned mentor at ASIA to JAPAN. They looked at my prepared answers from a list of questions and provided guidance not only on Japanese language but also on mindset and thinking. I still remember the funny exchange I had during the interview when I was asked, “If you were an animal, what would you be?” and I thought, “Why an animal!? What does that mean!?” (laughs) Although there were some difficulties, I persisted and eventually received a job offer from my current company. 


-Leaving My Parents’ House for the First Time, and Coming to Japan-

Actually, I had never left my hometown before, nor had I ever left my parents’ house. As a result, my parents and other family members were very worried about me. Nonetheless, they supported me. After coming to Japan, for about three months, I was constantly homesick. Although I live in Fukuoka, I didn’t have many Indian friends, so I chatted with my family on video every day. I still have a lot of difficulty with Japanese, and I feel that I have a lot more studying to do. When I started learning Japanese, kanji was really difficult, but now that I’m working, I use a Google Chrome extension that teaches me how to read and understand the meanings of difficult kanji related to my work. It’s still difficult, though… (laughs) Right now, I find keigo (honorific language) to be difficult. During the interviews, I was still treated as a student, but now that I’m working as a professional in Japan, I really want to work hard at it. For now, I’m mostly doing remote work, so I may not have to worry about it too much, but it seems that I will soon have to start going to the office, so I’m thinking of studying even harder. 

As for my work, I got used to it quickly. The company I’m currently working for prioritizes my own learning and what I want to do, and the environment is excellent. About five foreigners, including myself, joined the company, and one of them still works in the same department. I don’t feel alone. Working remotely allows me to relax while focusing on my work. I have worked in India for about 10 months, and I feel that the way of working is quite different from that of my home country and Japan. In India, results are basically important, and it was okay as long as you had memorized the script. However, I think the process is important in Japan. From the beginning, how it was done and whether the method was efficient are being evaluated. The idea is that if the process is efficient, the results will also be efficient. I cannot say which one is better, but I feel that I can learn a lot and have a growth environment precisely because they place importance on the process. 

As for my daily life, there are many difficulties, but I am helped by the kindness and warmth of the Japanese people. Recently, I had to go to the hospital because I fell ill, but the attending doctor called my colleague at work and gave them instructions on how to take the medicine. I was moved because I did not expect them to do so much for me. Additionally, there was a time when I got lost in Fukuoka Station and wandered around for about 30 minutes, but a woman walked with me to the station attendant and asked for directions. I am truly moved every day by the kindness of the people who live here. 


-Living in Japan is Enjoyable!-

Living in Japan is truly enjoyable, and I feel like I am experiencing a lot of personal growth. At work, I am exposed to a completely different work culture and way of thinking, and I have come to believe that it is most important to gain knowledge that includes these perspectives, rather than just thinking that my way is the best. At my current company, I am in an environment where I can learn a lot and challenge myself to do what I want, and I feel that I am now able to contribute more to the company than when I first joined. Of course, there are still many things to work hard towards, but I am happy to see how much I have grown since I arrived in Japan. Regarding the Japanese language, I am still struggling, but I have improved significantly compared to before I came to Japan. Furthermore, living independently and being able to take care of myself are also significant areas of personal growth. In any case, not only is the lifestyle enjoyable, but I can also see personal growth in various aspects of my life, which makes it even more enjoyable. 

Also, I feel that the environment in Japan is better than where I lived in my home country. Overall, I think it’s clean, pleasant, and easy to live in. I enjoy going shopping on a regular basis, and on weekends, I visit hot springs or volcanoes in Kyushu. I wanted to go snowboarding this winter, but I got sick and could not go, so I hope to try it next year. I’m looking forward to my life in Japan, and I sincerely feel that I want to continue living in Japan. Additionally, I’m excited to go back to India temporarily in April to see my family. 

To everyone coming to Japan from now on, I hope you will enjoy learning Japanese and living in Japan. It can be challenging to get used to Japan’s way of thinking, and it takes time, but I believe it will also lead to personal growth. Personally, I’m really glad I was able to come to Japan and work at my current company. Anyway, let’s have a great time! 



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