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She is a Computer Science major from Pune University, India, working on an app for early detection of women suffering from PCOS disease and using Python for machine learning. She is also able to use C++ and MySQL. She has internship experience at a software company and is a bright student with a strong desire to learn and admire Japan’s advanced IT technology.

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Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science
A Japanese company that provides management consulting services to financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises. It also features system development and telecommunication line installation support for financial institutions. Sales solutions include corporate sales promotion, planning and management of sales activities.

How I Developed an Interest in Japan 

 Initially, my fascination with Japan stemmed from my love for nature photography and my enjoyment of Japanese dramas and anime. These experiences sparked my interest in Japan. 


In my second year of university, the Japanese teacher of the “Hirameki Classes” at Pune University organized an orientation for the FAST OFFER International program. During this orientation, she presented various opportunities offered by the program and outlined the application process. Additionally, students who had successfully passed the interview and been accepted by Japanese companies shared their firsthand experiences. Their stories greatly motivated me, and I thought to myself, “This is the path for me!” Soon after, I enrolled in the program and began studying the Japanese language. 


During the classes, our teachers not only taught us the language but also shared their cultural knowledge and personal experiences of living in Japan. Through their stories, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of Japan, despite never having been there. It was at this point that I truly fell in love with Japan and the Japanese language. Our teachers also shed light on the Japanese work culture and its advanced technology. I was impressed by the discipline and dedication of the Japanese people in both their personal and professional lives. The work culture in India and Japan is truly distinct. 


Although I had job opportunities in India, I concluded that finding employment in Japan would offer everything I desired in terms of work and daily life. I firmly believe that Japan strikes a perfect balance between development and nature. Furthermore, many Japanese companies provide job opportunities for foreigners, and I did not want to miss out on this chance. Motivated by this passion, I will have been studying Japanese for two years by July. 


Juggling the demands of my major and studying Japanese presented one of the biggest challenges for me. As a computer engineering student, I had numerous classes and assignments to manage. Meanwhile, the Japanese classes required 6-7 hours of commitment each week, making it overwhelming to handle everything. However, I recognized that having proficiency in the Japanese language would greatly benefit my career in the software industry. This realization served as my motivation to keep pushing myself and embracing the challenge. 


Specifically, I strived to strike a balance between both areas of study. I attended college in the morning and, upon returning home, dedicated my time to practicing programming and studying the Japanese language. This was undoubtedly challenging, but with unwavering motivation, I firmly believe that anything is possible.      

Experiencing Setbacks in the Job-Hunting Process

I encountered several setbacks during my job-hunting journey. In FAST OFFER International, it was a requirement to pass a mock interview with a staff member from ASIA to JAPAN before proceeding to the interview with a Japanese company. Unfortunately, when I took the mock interview in October 2022, I did not pass. However, I persevered and decided to give it another shot in December, and this time, I successfully passed the mock interview. 


Following that, I submitted my PR video and all the necessary documentation for the new process. Eventually, I received an opportunity to interview with a company and had an online interview in January. Before the interview, my mentor provided me with valuable insights and tips on how to approach the interview in Japan. Thanks to his guidance, I learned how to formulate appropriate answers for different types of questions. He also assisted me in preparing for the presentation of my final year project. The staff members at ASIA to JAPAN also offered their support and helped me gain a better understanding of the company. 


Despite my thorough preparations, I, unfortunately, did not pass the interview. In March, I had another interview with a different company, but again, I did not succeed. During this challenging period, I experienced feelings of disappointment and despair. However, the unwavering support from my family members and one of my best friends, along with the continuous support from the ASIA to JAPAN staff, motivated me to persevere. I am truly grateful for their encouragement and assistance. 


Fortunately, I was given another opportunity to interview with a different company in April. The interviewers were extremely supportive, and I felt a strong connection with their personalities during the interview. Additionally, my skill set aligned well with their requirements. They were seeking a candidate knowledgeable in various fields such as web development, cloud computing, and backend development, which matched my expertise. As a result, I felt a sense of confidence that this time I might be accepted. However, when I finally received the acceptance message from a staff member at ASIA to JAPAN, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was overwhelmed with happiness and disbelief. 

Vision at the company 

The reason I chose this particular company is because I found their products incredibly interesting. They specialize in developing back-end systems for banking using programming languages such as Java, PHP, and cloud computing. I had already developed a keen interest in cloud computing and had a strong desire to work in back-end systems. Hence, I felt a significant alignment between the company’s business and my own interests. 


Once I start working at the company, my goal is to strive for a prominent position as quickly as possible. Over the course of the next 10 years, I aspire to enhance my skills and gain valuable experiences that will ultimately lead me to a role as a Technical Manager. 


To those who are aspiring to work in Japan, I would like to offer a simple piece of advice: “Keep working hard.” It’s possible that you may face rejections and setbacks along the way, but with perseverance and dedication, you will eventually succeed. Although I initially encountered obstacles, I remained resolute and motivated, refusing to give up. And in the end, my persistence paid off. So, continue working hard, and you will find yourself drawing closer to your goal. 


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