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Computer Science student from Pune University. In her graduation research, she developed an IoT-based agent-based parking system using Android apps and sensors to improve the car parking environment. Internship gave her the experience in cyber security related work and she is actively acquiring IT skills with certification in SAP-ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.50

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Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science
A Japanese company manufacturing lift bracket for forklifts, machining of forklift and automotive parts, design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for various industries, image inspection equipment, design and development of IoT products and information and communication industry.

How I became interested in Japan

I developed a strong interest in Japan, particularly its technology, people, and culture. Being a computer science major, I have had a long-standing fascination with Japanese advanced technology. The IT industry, in particular, holds great appeal to me due to the abundance of job opportunities it offers. 

Moreover, my teachers, who have resided in Japan for an extended period, shared with me their firsthand experiences of the Japanese people’s remarkable levels of respect and politeness. They emphasized the sincerity displayed in their work, which greatly impressed me. My teachers also highlighted Japan’s clean environment and clean water sources, which I personally think very crucial to live comfortably. 

Furthermore, Japanese companies stand out by offering a working environment that encourages women to actively participate, providing more opportunities compared to India. Considering these aspects, I thought Japan’s peaceful and safe environment provides a sense of security for women like me to live and work comfortably. 

Through my interactions with teachers and friends, as well as my continuous learning about Japan’s distinctive features, my affinity for the country has grown steadily. 


My journey to learn Japanese

During my second year of university, we experienced a lockdown due to Covid-19. With ample time on my hands, I decided to enroll in Japanese classes offered by ASIA to JAPAN at Pune University, marking the beginning of my language acquisition journey. Initially, I encountered difficulties while studying the language, and there were moments when I questioned whether I should continue. However, I persevered and began from the basics, diligently learning hiragana and katakana. 

As I gained proficiency in reading and writing the language, my confidence soared, and I realized that I was capable of mastering Japanese. The teachers played a significant role in motivating me along the way. Now, after approximately two years of studying, I have recently embarked on the N2 level. Given that I have already completed the N3 syllabus, I am confident in my ability to pass the JLPT N3 test. 


Job-hunting process

I had been working at a branch of a Japanese company in India since October 2022, but my desire to experience a Japanese workplace and immerse myself in its unique charm and characteristics led me to seek employment in Japan. Determined to make this a reality, I decided to take on the challenge of finding a job there. 

At that point, my teacher from Japanese class recommended that I join FAST OFFER International. Aware of my strong interest in working in Japan, she had been consistently encouraging me to apply. Intrigued by the opportunity, I registered with FAST OFFER in August 2022. 

Initially, I lacked confidence in speaking Japanese, as I was not proficient in conversational skills. Furthermore, after graduating from university in August 2022, I commenced a new job in India in October, leaving me with limited time for preparation. Recognizing that my Japanese proficiency was not sufficient to meet my goals, I decided to rejoin Japanese class offered by ASIA to JAPAN to enhance my communication skills. Additionally, I practiced interview scenarios with my mentor, resulting in significant improvement in my ability to communicate effectively. 

Having undergone 4-5 interviews with different Japanese companies that had offices in India prior to beginning my job-hunting journey through FAST OFFER International, I had become familiar with the interview process and its atmosphere. Furthermore, I had already met the technical requirements. Overcoming the language barrier, I encountered no major difficulties during the process. 

Ultimately, I was selected by a company through FAST OFFER International and underwent an online interview. While I felt confident in my ability to pass the interview, I experienced a profound sense of happiness and fulfillment when I received the acceptance notification, realizing that my dream had come true. I also knew that my parents had long held the dream of seeing me work abroad, and the news brought me immense joy at the thought of sharing it with them. 


Goal and vision

I am confident that I will excel in my technical skills in the company where I have received the job offer. The projects in this company are related to IoT, and I have prior experience and internship experience in this field. Moreover, I have a genuine interest in IoT, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work in a field that aligns perfectly with my interests. 

Once I start working in the company, my primary goal is to strive for excellence in my work over the next few years. I also aspire to gain valuable experience and expertise in any field I work in, leveraging my skills to solve challenges and overcome obstacles. 

If you have a passion for something, pursue it with enthusiasm. If your desire is to work in Japan, be confident in your decision. As for language learning, do not give up in the initial stages; once you overcome the first hurdles, you will gain confidence to continue learning. Although the beginning may be challenging, with patience and perseverance, the learning process becomes much easier. So, believe in my advice and give it your best shot! Thank you. 

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