From Pune to Tokyo: The Journey of an Indian AI Engineer Through Savitribai Phule Pune University


An aspiring AI engineer from India, found his passion for Japan sparked by his sister’s enchanting stories from a school trip. With a solid background in science and mathematics, he pursued engineering at Savitribai Phule Pune University, simultaneously diving into the world of Japanese language. This led to his involvement with FAST OFFER International’s program, significantly enhancing his language skills and cultural understanding. His dedication and unique approach to learning, complemented by strategic career moves in the Indian IT sector, culminated in securing a job with a Japanese company on his first attempt.

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From Fascination to Career Aspiration: Discovering Japan’s Cultural and Professional Landscape 

It took me almost three years of learning Japanese before being selected for a Japanese company. All that time working and waiting for something you really want makes success even sweeter. I’m so happy. 

My interest in Japan though, began way before I started learning Japanese. I was in 12th grade when my younger sister was still studying, she got to go on a school trip to Japan and when she returned, she shared all these wonderful, inspiring stories. She told me about the culture, and the kind and respectful people. I was really drawn to how she described how respectful the Japanese are. Then, I also got to sample the souvenirs-like a dozen different flavors of KitKat. My sister really inspired me to start learning about Japan in hopes of working there one day. 

Japan quickly became my career goal destination. I really wanted to find a job in Japan. Since I was young, I have been good at Science and Mathematics, which led me to choose an Engineering degree. I enjoy analytical thinking and so after a year in Mechanical Engineering, I expanded to learning more about IT in my second year. This helped me get into the data analytics field which I think is the best.  

There are wonderful opportunities for Engineers in Japan. Japan is well known for its mechanical engineering and IT engineering industries, so I’m sure to learn a lot working there and I’ll have better opportunities to learn about robotics and AI. I believe this will all feed into my ultimate dream of being an AI Engineer. 


Embarking on a Japanese Language Journey with FAST OFFER International 

Hence, while I was studying Mechanical Engineering at Savitribai Phule Pune University, I started my language-learning journey at Hirameki Solutions. It was through those Japanese classes that I was introduced to ASIA to JAPAN’s FAST OFFER International program. Through FAST OFFER International, I got to further my Japanese Language Journey for free.  

It was in that language journey, as I learned their alphabet and the precise, systemic way they write their Kanji, that I also further appreciated their discipline. With every stroke learned, I felt more disciplined and closer to their culture. 

The teachers were incredibly kind and taught us, new learners, in such an effective way that we breezed through our lessons. Another thing that made language learning easy was that my mother tongue, Marathi, has identical grammar rules. Plus, as someone who is constantly learning different coding languages, I felt comfortable learning Japanese, too. Because I sincerely loved my Japanese classes, I easily balanced them with all my academic requirements. As soon as my formal Japanese classes ended and I was capable of conversations in Japanese, I began the job hunt. During this time, I was actually already working for a local Indian IT firm, but my dream of going to Japan was still burning. Actually, a big part of the reason why I chose this IT firm was to make my resume competitive as an AI engineer.  


One Step Closer to Being Global AI Engineer Through Japan 

For the Job Hunt, FAST OFFER International’s mentors helped me out greatly. More than language tips, this time they gave me notes on how one speaks and acts for Japanese Job interviews. They helped me understand what Japanese companies look for and how best to present myself to them. They helped me through mock interviews that lasted up to 3 hours. Those sessions really made me feel taken care of and well-supported. 

When the interviews finally happened, I was incredibly lucky. I know so many people who have to go through so many interviews before landing one, but I got mine on my first attempt. Apart from breaking that language barrier, all my preparation to skill up as a possible AI Engineer paid off. I matched for the job at about 90% and it gave me a unique advantage.  

I was selected by two companies and with the help of my FAST OFFER International mentor, I was fully prepared for the interviews. In fact, the experience was quite nice. I interviewed for both companies in the span of two days and got the job offer on the same day as the last interview. Ecstatic, I celebrated the great news with my family. 


Achieving Career Milestones: Job Success and Preparing for a New Life in Japan 

I already have plans to have a picnic with friends already in Japan and visit the tourist spots. I’m so excited. Then, for my work, I’m looking forward to knowing more about the working culture and developing something that could better society. I hope because I also know Spanish and English, that I can also help the company with its goals of globalization when working with European countries.  

More than fun plans though, I haven’t stopped my language-learning journey. Mastering Japanese is so important not just for the interviews, but for living a full life in Japan. That’s why I’m taking more classes with FAST OFFER International as I wait to join the company in a few months.  


I have a few tips for people looking to work in Japan: 

  • Focus on speaking Japanese more than your JLPT level. focus on improving your speaking and reading skills. Your JLPT level is not as important as your actual skills in those. If you can speak fluent Japanese, able to express what’s in your mind, it says more than a good JLPT score.  
  • Immerse yourself in the language outside of the classroom. I listened to this podcast on YouTube called Yuyu Nihongo which really helped me. I also watch some anime in my free time. I also follow some pages on Instagram that teach you Japanese etiquette in my downtime. Your listening skills will improve this way and it helps you learn the language the same way you picked up your mother tongue–through your ears.  
  • Embody “Kaizen.” The Kaizen technique in a nutshell means “continuous improvement.” I’ve been following this philosophy in a lot of aspects of my life for many years and it’s really helped groom me into who I am today, a self-disciplined, persevering problem-solver. This will certainly pay off in your journey to Japan! 

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