Jilin University Alumni’s Transition into the IT Sector in Japan


The story revolves around a Jilin University graduate from China who developed a fascination with Japan through dramas and anime. This interest led her to study Japanese and eventually aspire to work in Japan. Despite initial uncertainties, she was drawn to the nurturing environment of Japanese companies and the prospect of professional growth. With the support of FAST OFFER International, she navigated the job-hunting process, overcoming challenges such as language barriers and rejection. She secured a job in the IT sector and is now preparing for a future in overseas sales and marketing. Her journey highlights the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the valuable assistance of FAST OFFER International in achieving her dream career in Japan.

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From Japanese Dramas to Career Aspirations 

I became interested in Japanese dramas, anime, and movies, and gradually grew fond of Japanese music as well. As a result, I started wondering what Japan was like. Moreover, since I was young, I had a sense of respect for Japanese products because my father taught me that they were always found to be of excellent quality and to embody a spirit of dedication. All of this led me to want to learn Japanese, so I entered the Japanese language department at Jilin University to study Japanese.  


Discovering the Allure of Japanese Companies 

When I initially embarked on my studies in Japan, I didn’t necessarily have plans to work there. I wasn’t looking for job opportunities in Japan. However, upon learning that a friend had begun their career in Japan and was receiving thorough training from their company, I became intrigued by the supportive environment Japan offers for professional development. Gradually, I started to believe that I, too, could grow and advance my career in Japan. Additionally, attending job fairs for Japanese companies during my time abroad allowed me to gain insight into the strengths of Japan’s corporate culture and systems. As a result, I began to seriously consider pursuing employment opportunities in Japan.  


Securing a Job in Japan with FAST OFFER International 

When I expressed my desire to work in Japan to those around me, my father and everyone else offered their support, giving their approval for me to work in Japan. Amidst this encouragement, I discovered FAST OFFER International on my own. While searching for information online, I came across an influencer’s story who used FAST OFFER International on a Chinese video app to secure a job in Japan. Inspired by this, I gathered information for myself. 


Overcoming Language Barriers and Embracing New Challenges 

After registering with FAST OFFER International, I pursued opportunities where I could utilize my Japanese language skills alongside IT-related work. I had self-taught IT skills and had interned as a lecturer teaching IT in China. I wanted to broaden my options by acquiring skills beyond Japanese. However, I faced disappointment when I was rejected after the final interview with the first company I applied to, despite preparing for about two months. Although I felt down, the staff’s encouragement motivated me to keep trying. In the next interview round, I successfully received a job offer. I was determined to give my best, and if I hadn’t succeeded, I was prepared to start from scratch again.  

While studying abroad, I found spoken Japanese challenging. To improve, I consciously created opportunities to converse with people and practiced a lot. So, if I were to say, it was challenging to gather information about companies, but having someone to guide me and clear steps to follow made it relatively easy. I didn’t feel like I faced significant struggles.  


Envisioning a Future in Overseas Sales and Marketing 

After joining the company, I will be working as a general employee. I aspire to engage in overseas sales, so I began studying English. Since sales also involve marketing tasks, I am attending marketing classes at the university as well.  

I am grateful that FAST OFFER International was able to quickly provide opportunities. But on top of that, each time I actively communicated with staff members, they diligently helped me resolve my issues. I highly recommend FAST OFFER for people looking for jobs in Japan. 

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