Landing a Dream Job in Japan: Lessons from a Malaysian Engineering Graduate


The hero’s fascination with Japan’s meticulous attention to detail and its renowned manufacturing and design excellence inspired them to learn Japanese and pursue a career in Japan. Hailing from Malaysia with a degree in engineering, he embarked on a journey of mastering the language and immersing himself in Japanese culture through university clubs and advanced classes. His dedication led to a job offer from a Japanese company, facilitated by FAST OFFER International, despite challenges. His work experience in an automobile manufacturer in Malaysia, particularly in design and interpretation, is expected to be invaluable in their new role in Japan’s packaging industry. This journey emphasizes that failure is a stepping stone to success, encouraging perseverance and thorough preparation.

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Experiencing the Forefront of Japanese Manufacturing and Design

One of my bosses has lived in Japan for 10 years. He was taught the uniquely Japanese concept of “how things should be.” For example, he was told that a marker pen should be placed vertically downwards when not in use. This is to ensure that the ink flows properly due to gravity, making it easier for the next user to use the pen without any problems. I was very impressed by this attention to detail in Japan. It is a way of thinking that applies to minor actions in everyday life and is an important element in maintaining high efficiency and order at work. 

Furthermore, I want to experience the forefront of manufacturing and design. Japan is known as a country where many excellent products are designed and manufactured. Therefore, Japanese-made products are known for their quality and are offered at reasonable prices. From this background, I want to learn about the process of manufacturing high-quality products at an affordable price. Working in a Japanese company, I can learn the entire process from product design to manufacturing and sales, and I believe I can contribute not only to the domestic society but also to the world. 

Learning the Japanese Language: A Four-Year Journey 

As I have a dream of working in Japan, I started studying Japanese when I entered university, and this year (2024) marks my fourth year. During my first and second years, I used a textbook called “Minna no Nihongo” and solidified my foundation in Japanese. Furthermore, I actively participated in Japanese culture clubs and events related to Japan, learning a wide range of knowledge about Japan, including cuisine, kimonos, and festivals. Through this process, I was able to build bonds with many Japanese friends. 

From my second year, I had the option to continue taking Japanese classes. To be able to speak Japanese like a native and deepen my interactions with Japanese friends, I participated in advanced Japanese classes called JEPT in my third year. There, I learned not only vocabulary and grammar but also how to write emails in business Japanese and studied kanji. 

Additionally, using the internet, I met Japanese teachers and practiced a lot to improve my conversational skills. Through conversation practice on various topics such as food preferences and trips to Japan, I was able to speak more natural and fluent Japanese. Also, by reading Japanese essays and sharing impressions, I was able to deepen not only my language skills but also my cultural understanding. 

Although the tuition was expensive, I feel that the investment was very valuable. My journey of learning Japanese is still ongoing, but I believe that my experiences so far will greatly contribute to my future learning and career. 

From University Clubs to Advanced Classes: Immersing in Japanese Culture 

Through the university’s Japanese Culture Club, I learned about FAST OFFER International. At that time, a senior who had obtained a job offer from a Japanese company using FAST OFFER International was invited and shared his experience. Influenced by him, I also registered with FAST OFFER International and actively participated in online sessions. 

To get a job offer, I participated in interviews with eight companies, but eventually, I was able to realize my dream. On my personal page on FAST OFFER International, frequently asked questions from companies were introduced, and I prepared accordingly to my situation. For example, I prepared for various questions such as “Please introduce yourself,” “Tell us about your graduation project,” “Why do you want to work in Japan,” and “What are your hobbies.” 

However, I also faced unexpected questions in the interviews. I was pressed by the interviewer because there was a one-year gap in my career. It was very difficult to explain the various circumstances that occurred during that time. Also, when asked, “Why did you choose a research topic unrelated to your major?” I was troubled. When you participate in an interview, please organize your experiences so that you can talk about them smoothly. 

Navigating the Job Hunt: Success with FAST OFFER International 

After graduating from university, I joined an automobile manufacturer in Malaysia amid the effects of the new coronavirus. The purpose was to gain work experience while further deepening my study of Japanese. My main job was related to automobile design. Also, the company I am currently enrolled in has strong ties with Japan, and I was in charge of interpreting for Japanese staff who came for development projects. 

Now, the Japanese company I am about to join is related to packaging machines. After joining, I am expected to be involved in the design and programming of packaging machines. Fortunately, the experience at the automobile manufacturer in Malaysia will be utilized in my new workplace in Japan. 

Utilizing Malaysian Experience in a Japanese Company 

During my university days, I visited Tokyo Metropolitan University for a week for engineer training. I was active from 8 am to 5 pm, and after that, I immediately had a great time with friends. I still cherish those memories. 

In December of this year, I visited Japan again to attend an interview with FAST OFFER International. On the first day I arrived, I visited the Tokyo office of ASIA to JAPAN, had a meal with the staff, and discussed preparations for the interview. On the next day, I received guidance for the interview, and on the third and fourth days, I faced the first and second interviews. On the fifth day, I participated in the face-to-face briefing session of FAST OFFER International, shared cakes with other students, and shared experiences, which was a very enjoyable experience. 

To get a job offer, I participated in a total of eight interviews. The process was difficult, but I was able to realize my dream. From this experience, I have something to tell everyone. It is natural to fail in the first interview. Please practice more and prepare thoroughly. 

Failure is the road to success. Please do not give up.

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