Successful Candidates from India

Read about our candidates’ FAST OFFER International journey and get a better idea how they succeeded in finding a job in Japan!

A science student studying computer science in India. Her Final Year Project uses the C language to create a distance measuring device called a reverse gear that is attached to a car to measure the distance to the car behind. She is also fluent in Japanese.

Joining a Japanese company that provides financial web services to individuals and corporations. Aiming to become a software engineer, he studied computer science at Chandigarh University in India. Participated in CODE to JAPAN 2020 and high scorer in the test at the joining company.

Computer Science student from Pune University. In her graduation research, she developed an IoT-based agent-based parking system using Android apps and sensors to improve the car parking environment. Internship gave her the experience in cyber security related work and she is actively acquiring IT skills with certification in SAP-ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.50

She is a Computer Science major from Pune University, India, working on an app for early detection of women suffering from PCOS disease and using Python for machine learning. She is also able to use C++ and MySQL. She has internship experience at a software company and is a bright student with a strong desire to learn and admire Japan's advanced IT technology.

She has graduated from the University of Pune, India, with a degree in Computer Science. For her graduation project, she worked on developing a wildfire detection system using machine learning. Her skills include MySQL, Java, Python, and C++.

She is an IT student from India. She studied software and application development in college and is proficient in Python and C++. For her graduation project, she is working in a team to create an online community web app and is in charge of the back-end role. She is willing to actively acquire knowledge, including an internship at a company that develops AR services.

A female student who majored in mechanical engineering and completed a bachelor's degree at Visvesvaraya Technological University. Currently working as a design engineer in India. The research theme at the university is roof tile manufacturing using waste plastic and waste paper. The level of conversation in Japanese is high, and the interview can be completed in Japanese.

An Indian woman majoring in electronic communication engineering. The graduation project is about the classification of brain tumors using deep learning and developing end-to-end apps that allow doctors to detect tumors easily. Her dream to participate in the Tokyo Olympics for the shooting was the reason that she developed an interest in Japan. Her dream didn't come true because of her injury, but she's currently studying Japanese with the aim of finding a job in Japan. She is a hard worker and has a tenacious spirit.

A woman majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, India. Her research theme is the design and development of automatic fruit harvesting robots. She's working on the development of a system in which a camera is attached to the robot arm and image processing is performed to detect the maturity state and position of the fruit, and the robot arm harvests the fruit and trees without damaging them. She leads the team as a leader in this project.

An Indian female student who can speak Japanese at a native level. After studying abroad at Okayama University for a year, she sympathizes with the Japanese way of thinking and working style and aims to work in Japan for a long time. As an intern at SG Analytics, she conducted a management analysis of a Japanese company by taking advantage of her ability to speak Japanese. After graduating in February 2021, she has been working as an assistant for Japanese interpretation and translation with the kindness of a professor in the Japanese language department of the university until Corona settles down. She is also interested in acquiring IT skills and is studying by herself.

Specializes in mechanical engineering and mechatronics at the University of Pune, India. In his graduation research, under the title of “Design and Development of Automatic Cookers,” he is developing a cooker that allows people who cannot cook or who do not have time to cook delicious food in a short time. All one has to do is provide the necessary ingredients and quantity required for the selected dish and heat it with an induction cooker. He has four members and is in charge of hardware design. He is interested in Japan because he learned about Japan’s high technical capabilities, Japanese way of thinking about work, work environment, etc. from his uncle who has worked in Japan for 8 years using CATIA and SOLIDWORKS in 3D-CAD. He wishes to improve his skills by working in Japan, which has high technical skills.

An Indian female engineer with experience as an intern in web development and data science. Obtained JLPT-N3. She majored in IT at university, and her final grade project was “Development of a mental disorder prediction system using machine learning algorithms.” The project made many trials and errors to fix the challenges it faced. A tenacious woman who can work till the end without giving up.

A female student from Savitribai Phule Pune University majoring in computer science. The research theme is the development of a Japanese learning web application using OCR. Working on implementing a rule-based chatbot. One with strong intellectual curiosity.

A woman who graduated from the Department of Computer Science, M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering. After graduation, she has been working at a web application development company. In her graduation research, she developed an earthquake prediction system using the Deep Q learning algorithm. The conversation level in Japanese is high, and interviews are possible in Japanese. Currently aiming JLPT N2.

A student who is very fluent in Japanese who has learned structures, fluids, 3D CAD technology, etc. (graduated in April 2021). He has also acquired control knowledge in the development of quad helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft at university clubs. His father has been working for a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products in Oman for 25 years and has great confidence in Japanese companies for products and quality of work. He also has the experience of leaving India and living in Oman.

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