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A student studying computer science in a master’s program at Pune University. When she saw a friend typing code with one hand inconveniently because their dominant hand was injured, she realized that she wanted to create a system that is easy for people with disabilities to use, and modified HTML by Python using voice commands. She's doing research on it. It’s been 4 years since she started learning Japanese, and is at a level where she can fully exchange opinions in conversation.

What the company thought:The atmosphere of the company is soft, and in addition to his Japanese language skills, she was evaluated as having an image of communicating within the organization and cooperating with people from various departments to carry out work. Although she majored in computer science, she was interested in the implementation and practical use of IT in manufacturing, and during the selection process, she commented that her reasons for applying were clear and supported by the technical aspects.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science


I am now a master’s student in computer science and will join the company in October 2021. I like learning foreign languages. Japanese language classes have become popular in my town, so I joined in and fell in love with the beautiful words at first sight. When studying Japanese, I was fascinated not only by the language but also by Japanese culture.

I learned about a program called FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) at university. Knowing that a Japanese company is looking for foreign employees, I suddenly thought, “I want to work in Japan!” After registering, I passed the document screening, and I went to a Skype interview with the staff of Asia to Japan. This interview confirms my Japanese conversation ability, and I was asked about my research and why I wanted to work in Japan, but I was happy to say that I also passed the Skype interview! Next is the preparation of the PR video to be sent to Japanese companies. This PR video will be your first impression, so I thought about it and prepared a fulfilling introduction. After that, a mentor who supported the selection contacted me and kindly explained me everything I didn’t understand. I have never left India and it was my first overseas experience, so I was a little worried, but the staff at Asia to Japan are all kind, from booking airline tickets to securing hotels to stay at. It was a great help because he made all the arrangements. The advice before and after the interview was also helpful, and I was able to stay calm and concentrate on the interview. During the two-day interview, I will be interviewing four Japanese companies. Thanks to everyone, we received offers from two companies. After thinking about various things, I decided to join one of them. When I visited the company, I was happy to be able to experience the Shinkansen and see Mt. Fuji, which I had longed for. During the company visit, I studied the company’s products, experienced the work environment, and visited the employee dormitory. I am looking forward to joining the company next year.


『Modifying HTML By Python』
1. 目的
• 大学の友達は手を骨折(こっせつ)したとき、片手でコードをタイプすることが難しかったです。
• 身体障害者はどうやってプログラミングができますか、と考えました。
• このような人達に使いやすいシステムを作りたい、と思いました。

2. プロセス
• まずはいろいろなスピーチ・テキストAPIについて調べました。APIを決めた後で、どうやってそのAPIを利用しますか、とまなびました。
• システムにヴォイスコマンドを受け入れます。
• システムはこのコマンドの言々の意味を調べて、それからコマンドの意味が分かります。
• コマンドに応じてシステムはHTMLコードを変更して、HTML ページをもう一度開きます
• システムはコマンドが分からない時、他のコマンドを申し入れます。もしユーザーがそのほかのコマンド)の中から何かを選んだら、システムは今のコマンドと初めてのコマンドは同じ意味だ、と理解してデータベースに入力します。
• 次回、システムはその新しいコマンドも覚えます。
3. 結果
• この前は、片手でHTMLコードを書くのは1分ぐらいかかりました。でもシステムを使って、5秒でできるようになります。
• 商業のウェブサイトのコードは複雑です。このコードから変更したいラインを見つける事は面倒であり間違いのものです。でも、ボイスコマンドを入力してこのタスクを簡単に達成することができます。
4. リフレクション
• システムでGoogle Speech API を使いました。このAPI はユーザーの声と、ノイズは同じようにプロセスしていました。そんな訳で、システムは音声入力をわかりませんでした。
• ヘッドホンをパソコンと設定して、この問題を解決するようになりました。
• システムをつくるとき、デバッギングのことを学びました。何か問題があったら、ソフトウェアとハードウェアをどのようにデバッグして問題を解決しますか、と身に付けました。
• 例えば、システムエラーがあったら、マイクに関係する問題ですかソフトウェアに関係する問題ですか、と調べてシステムのミスを解決しました。


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