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My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.



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My Japanese journey started 2 years back when I was in my 3rd year of university. Back then I did have a thought of working overseas but I was quite not sure about how and from where to start. Really thanks to the Japanese language classes and ASIA to JAPAN seminar that was held in our college, and I was lucky enough to grab a seat and start my journey towards Japan. Learning new language was really a lot of fun in the classes. To get used to the language we often used to sing and dance on Japanese songs along with our teachers and slowly the words became familiar, even much more familiar than my native language I can say. And thanks to my Japanese language teachers to make learning quite easy for us. Having an opportunity to talk with some native Japanese people while learning was just an amazing experience, and this also made me more confident in my spoken Japanese. Time really just flies off and in no time, I was in the process of preparing for the interviews. Right from the start, my Japanese language teachers and the staff members of ASIA to JAPAN guided me with the complete process. To prepare my resume and guide me with the actual interview structure, a mentoring session was held on skype by ASIA to JAPAN. Finally, in December 2019 my profile was selected by 3 Japanese companies, and I had the opportunity to come to Japan. As it was my first time to travel overseas, I was pretty much excited and so was my family. All the flight and accommodation facilities were provided by ASIA to JAPAN and the staff members were also in continuous contact to make sure our journey was fine. A mentoring session and a guidance over the ethics to be followed was given prior to the main interviews to check our final preparations.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it up till the final interviews, but the staff members were really helpful, and I did get to learn a lot from that experience. In the rest of my stay in Japan I did visit a lot of places and also had a chance to experience the beautiful autumn season of Japan. The last day party night to cheer up everyone was just amazing. After the December interview round I continued my Japanese language N2 level study and once again in February 2020 my profile was selected by 4 companies, and I had the opportunity to come Japan again. Learning from the previous experience and having the mentor session again I was able to improve a lot than before. This time I did perform well and although the final interview was going to be held later next month, I was invited by the company for the company visit in Hyogo prefecture. A staff member of ASIA to JAPAN was with me to help me get to Hyogo prefecture. Travelling by the bullet train and seeing the great Mt. Fuji I was really happy. In the company visit I was given all the details about the work in company and next interview process. The company representative was kind enough and also offered me some snacks to enjoy on my way back to Tokyo. After returning India, I had the next interview on skype but unfortunately couldn’t make it till the end and continued my Japanese language study. Situations were getting bad since March but ASIA to JAPAN started organizing the interview process online and continued supporting the candidates for getting their dream Job in Japan. After the February interview round I continued focusing on my Japanese language proficiency and finally after a while in July my profile was being selected by one company. As interviews were online, the staff members of ASIA to JAPAN were continuously in contact with me to support and make sure the interview goes well. After the 1st Interview round, I also had a great opportunity to have an open discussion with the company. This helped me to get to know the company better and I was already excited to give my best ahead and be a part of it. Finally, after the final interview, I had a call from ASIA to JAPAN about my selection in the company. I was really happy to share this news with my family and my teachers. I will be joining the company in April 2021, and I am really excited about it. Currently every month the company holds an online open discussion for me, and I already feel proud to be a part of it. I would like to thank the whole team of ASIA to JAPAN for always being supportive and guiding me throughout my journey to Japan. I am looking forward to coming Japan and meet everyone soon.



「目的」 研究の目的は、車両に給油する際の無駄なガソリンを減らすことです。そして、現在のシステムをよ り効率的にすることです。これを行うことで、インドでの一日約12000リットルの無駄なガソリンを 節約することができます。

「理由」 以前バイクに給油した後、操作する人が給油ノズルを元の場所に戻した時、ガソリンが数滴落ちてし まいました。 そして、これが毎回起こることに気付きました。しかし、調べてみてもこの問題がすで に解決されているものが見つかりませんでした。 いくつかの調査を行って、この問題は小さく見えま すが大きな影響があることがわかってきました。そのため、この問題を研究することに決めました。

「プロセス」 最初に、ガソリンスタンドでの一回の給油でドロップ(給油後にノズルから落ちるガソリン)はどの くらい落ちるかや、一日にガソリンが給油される回数について実質的な調査をしました。 チーム内 で私のアイデアについて話し合い、一緒に計算を行いました。その後私は設計モデルを取り込んで、 先生の指導で今設計分析をしています。

「結果」 研究はまだ進行中です。ガソリンパイプの内部設計を変更することにより、空気をパイプの中に送り 込めるシステムを作ります。そうすることで空気の力を利用して、給油後の残したガソリンドロップ をタンクの中に押すことができます。そうして、ガソリンを節約するつもりです。

1. 研究ではこれまで、カティアソフトウェアで設計を行いました。
2. 研究の資料を作成することと、分析ソフトウェアの使い方を学んでいます。

Project 2:
理由 ウィンドミルはほとんどが風量の多い山の近くに設置されていますが、そのような場所は限られています。ウィンドミルはブレードが大きいために多くのスペースを必要とします。 そのため、そのようなウィンドミルは都市ではあまり使用されていません。 このことから、スペースを節約するためにブレードレスウィンドミルを開発するというアイデアを思いつき、再生可能エネルギーを利用したこのプロジェクトを立ち上げることに決めました。

 コンセプト
旋回運動を必要とします。風の流れは標高と異なるため、コーン型を使用します。軽量で丈夫な材料でコーン型を作り、その動きを可能にするためにバネを使用して垂直に設置します。圧電セルを底の円周に配置します。 圧電セルは力の作用で電圧を生成します。 コーン型が左右に動くので、圧電セルのいくらかの力に影響を与え続けます。 エネルギーはセルの内部で生成され、これは電池に保存して後に使います。

 期待される結果
出力はモデルの高さによって異なります。 2メートル高さのプロトタイプの計算によると、ブレードレスウィンドミルで電池が充電されると、10ワットのLEDチューブライトは6時間使うことができます。同じ量の電力を生み出すために、太陽エネルギーよりも50%安くできます。

 今まで学んだこと
1. 流体分析方法
2. 材料の選択
3. 市場調査


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