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An IT major student from India. She’s studying software development and application development at university and is good at Python and C++. In the graduation project, the team is working on the creation of an “online community web app” and is in charge of the back-end role. She has an attitude of actively acquiring knowledge, such as experiencing an internship at a company that develops AR services.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science


My Japanese learning journey has been wonderful. I learned not only the language but also got the chance to learn about the culture and experience the same with interesting events in class. There were ups and downs in my Japanese studies, but my teachers always helped me excel in the situation. Japanese Language Program sponsored by ASIA to JAPAN and FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) has guided and supported me starting from preparation for interviews to getting the job offer. The efforts my teachers were making to teach us Japanese made me fall in love with the language! I attended the seminars and orientations briefing about job opportunities in Japan and how one can take advantage of these opportunities. Then I decided to enroll in the program. Mentors and people of FAST OFFER Int’l guided me throughout the process and made the job-hunting process very smooth. Initially, there was a mock interview at my class (Japanese Language Program) and taken by my teachers. As there are interview rounds at FAST OFFER Int’l every month, mock interviews are also held every month. I cleared the mock interview, and the next step is a skype interview which serves as a resume and Document screening along with knowing our interests that which type of job we want to do. People from FAST OFFER Int’l are very friendly and explain everything in Japanese as well as in English. After a skype round my profile was created and was selected by one company. I got to interview four companies from which I got an offer from I. company. Due to the pandemic, all interviews were online. When you are selected to appear for an interview, there is a mentor session that helps to understand the company and match your profile accordingly. In mentor sessions, mentors help to improve your answers and help you to search about the company and know what kind of work you can do in the company. FAST OFFER Int’l arranges mentor sessions and orientations to get familiar with actual interviews. I was in the process for almost one year and appeared for four rounds and thankfully got an offer in the recent August round. In addition to all the support, I got a chance to attend a class called 面接対策 held by Oikawa Sensei. This class has also helped me to improve my Japanese and knowing my strengths that can be used while answering interview questions. Now I am studying N2. I learned a lot in this process, made friends, and getting a job in the field I always wanted to work in is of even more happiness. Thank you ASIA to JAPAN and my teachers for enabling me for this wonderful life-changing opportunity!




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A talented graduate of metal materials engineering at Chulalongkorn University, the top in Thailand. The theme of my graduation research is about the wear comparison of “burrs” of coffee grinders using SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology. A student who can think in a coherent manner and feels clever. Through the Japanese class of ASIA to JAPAN, he reached the level where he can have an interview in Japanese in a short period of time. English is also high level.

She majored in electrical engineering and has a two-week internship at Nagasaki University in Japan. She worked on circuit design and coding for the development of an interesting device called wireless skipping rope. An ambitious student who wants to study English in the Philippines.

An Indian student majoring in aeronautical engineering. Has knowledge of mechanical design and control. In his graduation research, "Drone that can be controlled by gestures", he worked on developing a drone that can be operated without being controlled by the pilot. The roles in the four-person team are design, analysis of previous research, and application to research. His father who runs a company once worked for a Japanese company in Kuwait. He often heard that his experience at that time was useful, and because Japanese products were highly evaluated, he decided to work in Japan.

A science woman majoring in computer science at the Technical University of Madrid in Spain. Currently studying abroad at Sains University Malaysia. Using machine learning to study Twitter cyber bling. During her internship at a start-up company in Spain, she used Python, MySQL, and ELT for data management. She also has IT skills in UNIX, HTML, JavaScript, Java, C++, etc.