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My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.


Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science


Since I was a child, I wanted to go abroad and meet new people and get to know their culture. So, the story begins from when I read about “Japanese Learning Classes” on the notice board of our college. I thought this is the best reason to bunk the lectures and at the same time get free attendance. So, I decided to join. But before the class, there was the orientation program. And I got to know that this was not just the Japanese learning opportunity, but it was the chance to work in Japan forever.

That was the first time when I heard about FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) and the journey began. After completion of JLPT N4 level I started preparing for interviews. Once I passed the document screening, I had to prepare for a Skype interview with a mentor from the FAST OFFER Int’l staff. This interview mainly focused on checking my Japanese speaking ability, my project theme and confidence level while talking to any unknown person.

Thankfully I cleared the first interview. After one week, I got the mail for mentoring session and soon got to know about the companies I will be interviewing with. I must say, along with all FAST OFFER Int’l staff, even mentors are very co-operative and friendly. So, till the date of departure my mentor supported me to the fullest. Not only mentor but other staff members also guided me. This was a one-month process. And finally, the day came when I took my first step towards the first flight of my life and ultimately towards Japan.

It was about 13 hours journey. Japan was totally new country for me as well as for my friends. But SGWJ’s staff was always there for helping us. From airport to hostel, they helped us a lot and finally till the evening we were safely in the hostel. Other staff members were ready in the basement of the hostel with the keys of our rooms. Next day was the orientation day. We got the overall idea about the schedule of the next day interviews. The game we played was really fun!!! On the day of the interview, as per the schedule, I was ready for my first ever interview in Japan, in Japanese and with a Japanese person.

As I was the part of FAST OFFER Int’l program, this situation was very obvious (laughs). But experiencing all this in reality was very different and fun. I was interviewed by 3 companies. But unfortunately, I could clear the first round of only one company and second round was on the next day. And I failed that last interview. I was totally lost but my other failed friends (laughs) somehow managed to control me and at 6 o’clock, we were in the party, which was especially arranged to cheer us and to congratulate those who cleared the interviews. That party was really fun. All staff members were present there and they all unknowingly healed my heart and replaced my sadness with the thought of “trying one more time!”.

That was the last day in Japan. Next day we returned to our home country. A month passed and again I got a mail for interview. I was happy, but this time, it was online interview. I tried to give my best to clear the interview, but I failed again. Even though I was not in Japan, I was in touch with FAST OFFER Int’l staff via WhatsApp and mail. They always cheered me up. Even after this failure, I again got a chance to give interview for April 2020 round. Because of Corona international flights were banned. So even this interview was an online interview. I had only one company this time. My mentor, teachers, FAST OFFER Int’l’s staff members, all supported me, guided me but I failed again.

This was the height of failures (laughs). I’d lost all hopes. But again, I got a mail for May 2020 interviews. This time, I really really worked hard, my mentor helped me on every stage. I am really very thankful for that. I was interviewed by 2 companies this time and I the cleared two rounds of both of the companies. Once there was the situation, when I was not able to clear even the first round of any company and now, I was in this situation, to choose the company, which I want to work with. This could happen only and only because of my mentor, all FAST OFFER Int’l staff members, my parents, teachers, who always encouraged me. They never gave up on me and continued to support. This journey ends here. And the next wonderful journey is going to begin from April 2021, where I will start to work in Japan. 楽しみにしております。


★プロジェクト名 :
★プロジェクトの人数 : 3人メンバー

★動機 : 


★プロジェクトのプロセス :
1.カメラにより撮影された画像から顔のみを検出します。顔を検出にする ためには機械学習(※)技術の色々なアルゴリズムを使用します。
  ※コンピュータの機械学習について :

★結果・結論 :
まだ、Final year projectを開始していませんので、結果は出ていません。

★将来の展望 :
1. どのような会社でもTOPを目指すために顧客満足は大事なものです。ですから、もし、このプロジェクトが成功したら、買い物をした人の感情を理解し、顧客満足度をデータ化するために使えると思います。
2. 防犯カメラに使ったら、危険な人を簡単に探せると思います。
3. クレームを伝えに来られたお客様の感情を検知することによりアラームを出すロボットのためにこれが使えると思います。
4. 製造用ロボットで作業する人の感情を検知し不良を出さないようにするロボットのためにも使えると思います。


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An IT major student from India who is serious and ambitious. The Final Year Project is working as a team to develop a hearing aid that can remove background noise and amplify only human voice and important sounds using machine learning technology, mainly on the software side such as data processing. She loves coding and is good at application development and web development. As an engineer, she wants to grow while learning new things.


A science student who belongs to PVG College, which is a high-ranking computer science major in Pune University, India. Experienced in developing multi-user e-commerce websites on university projects. She has prepared a portal for plant managers, sellers, and purchasers for seedlings, and has a program so that everything can be completed within one website, in order to record the purchase, customer management, and sales of plants. It can be created all at once. The website uses MySQL for the database, HTML / CSS / JavaScript for the front end, and PHP for the back end. Also, since this project was carried out by four people, not only did they improve their technical knowledge through the project, but they also learned how to work as a team and how important it is. In addition, she has basic knowledge of AI and machine learning, so her graduation research is planning a “smart charging system for electric vehicles utilizing IoT” that makes use of them. She has a cheerful personality, and the appearance of smiling and smart way of talking leaves a good impression. You can expect multiple activities as an IT engineer.


The theme of his graduation thesis is “Research on master-slave robots”, and a team of three people worked on the development of a robot that works according to the instructions given by the master. He is in charge of designing slave robots and image processing. Aiming to play an active role as a mechanical engineer in Japan, where engineering technology is developing, after graduating from university, he concentrates on learning Japanese.


An Indian female student who can speak Japanese at a native level. After studying abroad at Okayama University for a year, she sympathizes with the Japanese way of thinking and working style and aims to work in Japan for a long time. As an intern at SG Analytics, she conducted a management analysis of a Japanese company by taking advantage of her ability to speak Japanese. After graduating in February 2021, she has been working as an assistant for Japanese interpretation and translation with the kindness of a professor in the Japanese language department of the university until Corona settles down. She is also interested in acquiring IT skills and is studying by herself.