Manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products.

An Indian student majoring in electrical engineering. The title of the research at the university is home automation, and the purpose is to create an inexpensive control system with four functions. Responsible for developing microcontrollers, cloud platform programs and android apps. In addition to university research, he has a strong desire to contribute to society by using technology, such as internships that assemble and test PLC panels used in air conditioners and participate in public service programs.



Savitribai Phule Pune University


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this journey and without their blessings it would be not possible.
People at ASIA to JAPAN are so good not only in teaching but they always tried their best for achieving my goal. The support provided in A2J is wonderful right from mock interviews to final interviews, they arrange sessions with native Japanese people which really helped me understand how to tackle the interviews. This is whole complete package. Right from learning Japanese to getting placed in Japan, I got everything available in one place!
Learning Japanese in A2J is nothing like just study, study, and study stuff. I actually had chance to experience real Japanese things through various activities and competitions which really helped to understand the culture of Japan which is very important in language learning.
Mock interview was the first step towards my dream of working in Japan. In mock interview, everything is checked right from attire, our energy, body language, language proficiency. It gives feel of actual interviews and helped me to build the confidence. After that I had skype round which was casual interview where they checked contents of my project, how I answer the questions and also gave me advice for improvement. Then I had to make PR video. As PR video is gateway through which company will select me, I focused everything on it, made a script, got it checked from my teachers, made a video, got it reviewed from my teachers. The point is everyone in ASIA to JAPAN team helped me every time I faced difficulties.
Through PR video, I got selected by Y. M. Company for interview. I got assigned with a mentor. I think this is the best thing in ASIA to JAPAN. I was guided by someone who have worked at Y. Company and had experience of recruiting non japanese students. He was my mentor. ASIA to JAPAN assigned me the most appropriate mentor which was the key factor in this journey. He helped me so much, it really helped me boost my confidence. We discussed so many questions and he guided me through every question and how I am supposed to answer it. Most important thing I learned is to give answers in gist and as concretely as possible.
Then there was orientation which are like casual interviews, where the questions expected in actual companies will be practiced.
Due to pandemic, everything right from mock interviews to final interviews was online. But I never felt helpless even though it was online, I was able to be in contact with my teachers, personnels from ASIA to JAPAN. Their system really is strong and effective. Planning is up to the notch and if you follow the instructions, I’m sure everyone can become successful.
Now, about actual interviews, there were 3 rounds, first was test, second was technical interview and last one was technical+HR interview. Using all the experience and knowledge I gained through mentor session and orientation, I was able to pass the interviews. I followed every instruction and advised I received and in result, I got placed in Y. M. Company.
I feel blessed to be a part of ASIA to JAPAN and looking forward accomplish achievements together.
Thank you!


FYPプロジェクトのタイトルは「IoTベスホーム オートメーションシステム」です。これはマイクロコントローラベスプロジェクトで、使用するマイクロコントローラはESP8266です。このシステムは、住宅と産業部門で実装できます。これは四つのセクターが自動化されているシステムです。そのセクターは照明、電力監視、セキュリティとロードダイバルシティです。


当初は照明システムだけを考えていましたが、自動化技術を研究していくうちに、セキュリティなど他にも自動化できるセクターがあることが分かりました。そこで、四つの機能に取り組むことにしました。 この機能は、産業部門と住宅部門に関連しています。だから、両方の分野で使える製品を作ることにしました。まず、このシステムの操作のロジックを開発しました。次に、プロジェクトに必要なコンポーネントセンサー、などを収集しました。 esp8266マイクロコントローラーを使用することにしました。理由は、コストが低く、Wi-Fiモジュールが搭載されているので、どこからでも制御できることです。クラウドプラットフォームを使用し、簡単に制御できるために、アンドライドアプリを開発しています。その四つ機能の操作:





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