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He majored in computer science with a master’s degree from India’s Pune University. The theme of FYP is “Android Nutritionist System”, which is an application development that provides a one-month diet plan from the BMI value by inputting weight and height. He searched for an app to go on a diet, but couldn’t find the right one, so he developed it himself. Can communicate firmly in Japanese. He longs for Japan’s advanced IT technology and to find a job in Japan so that he can self-actualize as an engineer.


Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science


I have been studying Japanese language for 3 years. At the beginning, I started studying Japanese as a hobby. It was really very challenging for me to read, write and listen to completely new language. But as I proceeded further, I got to know more about Japanese culture and my interest in Japanese language increased greatly.

During this time, I came across FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program). When I came to know about this opportunity, I got excited about working in Japan.

The first stage was the ‘Mock interview’. Once I passed mock interview, I had to prepare for Skype interview with the Admin of ASIA to JAPAN. This interview is nothing but meant to check your communication skills, curriculum and reasons for working in Japan.

Thankfully, I passed this round too! After this, I had to prepare the PR video. After making the PR video I was assigned a mentor who guided me for the next rounds. Mentor round is a very important step as they help us write a good resume.

Thanks to my mentor, I was selected by 2 companies for an interview. This time because of the COVID-19 pandemic all interviews were conducted online. Even though it was online, the staff of ASIA to JAPAN helped me a lot with my interview preparations.

After the interview, I got an offer from a software development and IT solutions company. I am very happy as this was my first ever interview and I got selected. Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science and I will be joining Brycen in April 2021.

I am really looking forward to working and living in Japan. Thank you everyone in ASIA to JAPAN for giving me this opportunity and overwhelming support. It was truly an amazing experience.

Thank you!


題名: アンドロイド栄養士システム
選定理由: アンドロイド栄養士システムこのアプリーは人々のダイエットをサポート
そのデータを分析して利用者にダイエットアドプランを提 案します。
目的: 利用者は素早く BMIインデックスをチェックし、適切なダイエットプラン を手に入れることができる。
実施内容: このアプリーの操作は二つの部分に分かれています。 ユーザー: ユーザーはログイン ID とパスワードを得るために、最初に登録する必要 があります。ログイン後、ユーザーは BMI インデックスを計算するために 体重や身長などの情報を入力します。BMI インデックスが計算されると、 ユーザーは太っているのかそれとも痩せているのかは理解することができ ます。次に、ユーザーは BMI インデックスに従ってダイエットプランを提 案します。提案されてダイエットに問題がある場合、営業に直接メッセー ジを送信できます。
栄養士/アドミン: 栄養士は別のログインをもっています。栄養士は、データベースに食品を追加したり、
ユーザーのダイエットを更新したりします。またはユーザー から送信されたメッセージに返事を送ることができます。
結果: 全体的にこのアプリーは、より良い人格のために増減するのに役立ちま す。


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An Indian science student studying the JLPT-N2 level in the Department of Electronic Communication Engineering. The title of her graduation project is “Data Acquisition and Control Designing for Wearable Robots”, and she is working on the development of exoskeleton arms used in the medical field. Responsible for architecture design and control circuit development for robust control design. Has a soft impression and can communicate by grasping the facial expressions and feelings of the other party.


An Indian student who studied information engineering at UVCE University attached to Bangalore University, acquired JLPT-N3 by himself and is currently studying N1. He has participated in internships at Japanese companies and Indian startups. The startup intern developed an application to manage chargers and charging station facilities for electric vehicles. A cheerful student who likes to challenge new and difficult things and has a very positive attitude.


Studied automotive engineering at Anna University’s Faculty of Automotive Engineering in India and graduated as a topper student. The government sponsored a two-week training session Melbourne. Based on mechanical engineering, he has studied CAD such as SIEMENS NX and Solidworks, and also studied electronics knowledge such as the development of FYP’s vehicle anti-theft system.


Bachelor’s degree student in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He developed a web application while studying Japanese in an internship program at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology. Although it was a program with strict achievement conditions, he has achieved the program to the end with a personality that allows me to make serious efforts.