Japanese material-handling equipment company

A student of mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, he is currently conducting research on car chassis. In addition, he is taking on the challenge of learning IT in the wake of restrictions on machine-related internships at Corona, and he can devise ways to overcome adversity even in difficult situations. The Go NIHON app, which I developed myself, allows me to search for tourist spots in Japan, and I created it by myself from the front to the back. Human resources with knowledge of both IT and machinery.


Savitribai Phule Pune University


I believe that learning foreign languages is a must in today’s world. Before Japanese, German was something that I loved to study. A mechanical engineering student wanting to learn German and Japanese…. makes sense, doesn’t it? But it isn’t entirely so. I always wanted to visit Japan. Watching Shin Chan and Doraemon, being obsessed with ninjas, samurais, bullet trains, ramen, etc was my early teenage life. But I always felt that learning Japanese would be tough, so I never took these cravings seriously. I couldn’t have been happier when I came to know about the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) program. A job opportunity in Japan right after graduation seemed to be the spark that urged me to start learning Japanese. And I never looked back after that. Throughout this course, along with learning Japanese, I made new friends, met people sharing my hobbies from different streams, colleges, and even cities that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. This kept me motivated to keep studying Japanese and go to Japan one day. The interview process was seamless and smooth. A mock interview with your sensei(teacher), a skype session with an admin of the ASIA to JAPAN staff, Mr. Masato Sampei in my case, and submitting the required documents and a PR video. Voilà! The good people in FAST OFFER Int’l do the magic after that. Within a month I was selected for an interview with D. Company. FAST OFFER Int’l provided us with all the tentative interview questions, what the company expects from you, your possible job title, etc. They even assign mentor sessions to point out the necessary improvements in the answers that you prepared. I got the sweetest possible mentor in Mr. Kouji Kambara who guided me through this process. It was a dream come true when I found out that I managed to crack the interview on my first attempt. It was something that I had worked hard for around 2.5 years. Huge credit goes to my parents, teachers, Mr. Masato Sampei, Mr. Kouji Kambara, Miss Shoko Aoji, and other staff of the ASIA to JAPAN program. This wouldn’t have been possible without them. I’m looking forward to working in Japan from 2023!


Objectives 目的:

Process: これはミニプロジェクトであり、バックエンドにもっと集中したかったので、自分のcssコードを書く代わりにBootstrapを使用することにしました。Bootstrapの navbar、carousel、jumbotrons、cards、buttonsなどなどたくさんの機能を使いました。ホームページを美しくするために、日本の色々なところを少し調べて、たくさんの美しい写真を見つけました。

バックエンドにはPHPを使用し、SQLがデータベースでした。 $ _GET、$ _ POST、$ _ SESSIONなどのPHPのSuperglobalsを使って、ログインシステムを作成することができました。Password-hashingアルゴリズムを使用して、登録システムを安全にしました。すべてのデータや、質問とコメントはデータベースから動的にフェッチされました。 「ハードコーディング」されたものはありませんでした。

未来にこのフォーラムで Pagination、AJAX、などの機能を使って、フォーラムをもっと使いやすくする予定ですが、ここまで本当に面白い経験でした。


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A female student majoring in information engineering who has experience as a remote intern at a Japanese IT company. The university is developing a web app for student employment support, and is in charge of data prediction and front end using KNN machine learning algorithms. Good at Python. Human resources who are highly interested in work that makes use of teamwork and who can grasp things brightly and positively even when problems occur. JLPT is currently N4, but is scheduled to take the next N2 exam and already has high Japanese communication skills.


A student of COEP’s Department of Materials Engineering and Minor of Information Engineering, which is the top college of Pune University. In his graduation research, he plans to study materials for electromagnetic shields. In the three-year project, he conducted research on corrosion control of machines and airplanes used in the aerospace industry. During the internship, as a material engineer, he experienced testing materials used for motorcycles and working as a mathematical model of magnesium for automobiles. In addition, he is also interested in finance and programming and has various knowledge. He’s one who can communicate calmly.


An Indian science student studying the JLPT-N2 level in the Department of Electronic Communication Engineering. The title of her graduation project is “Data Acquisition and Control Designing for Wearable Robots”, and she is working on the development of exoskeleton arms used in the medical field. Responsible for architecture design and control circuit development for robust control design. Has a soft impression and can communicate by grasping the facial expressions and feelings of the other party.


I am researching “extending the life of an electric vehicle battery control system”. I feel that my hard-working personality and the working culture of Japanese people who produce results as a team rather than individuals are more suited to me than those in my home country, and I strongly hope to work in Japan, so I have been studying for a year and a half. Acquire Japanese ability at the level of daily conversation.