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A female student majoring in information engineering who has experience as a remote intern at a Japanese IT company. The university is developing a web app for student employment support, and is in charge of data prediction and front end using KNN machine learning algorithms. Good at Python. Human resources who are highly interested in work that makes use of teamwork and who can grasp things brightly and positively even when problems occur. JLPT is currently N4, but is scheduled to take the next N2 exam and already has high Japanese communication skills.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science


I’m really fascinated by the customs and pursuit of new technologies in Japan. Hence, dream of living and working in Japan has always been my goal. With that motive I started learning Japanese at a Japanese Language Program sponsored by ASIA to JAPAN. With the amazing teachers and friends there, it made more fun to learn Japanese along with new culture. While studying N4 I got to know about FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program). I was really happy because I found out the exact source where I could realize my dream. I applied to the program and decided to do best with FAST OFFER Int’l team.

First step after registering in FAST OFFER Int’l information screening followed by a Casual Skype interview. Thankfully, with IT skills I earned at University, I was eligible to appear for Skype interview. I was a bit nervous initially, but the interviewer really made me feel comfortable and we had really good conversation. This experience made me confidant about my Japanese skills, and soon I was informed that, I passed the interview. The main motto of this interview is to check Japanese skills and reasons to work in Japan. Because having a clear mindset about working in Japan is a crucial thing. So that has been examined in Skype interview.

Next step was to prepare a PR video and FYP thesis. Since PR video act as a first impression, I tried to convey important points about my personality with precise words and good facial expression. Soon I was invited by 4 companies for online interviews. Immediately, I was assigned with a mentor named Akata san, who guided me for the next rounds. Because of Japan’s unique way of recruitment, I found mentoring sessions extremely helpful to understand the Japanese way of thinking and build a clear mindset to convey my thoughts properly in a company’s interview. With the wonderful guidance of mentor and repetitive orientation sessions, I was able to see significant confidence that grew in me while talking to Native Japanese people.

Before the interview, I was told to make a JikoPR presentation which was mandatory for the T. company. With repetitive presentation sessions I had with Akata san, I was able to present the PPT fluently in an actual interview, which lead me pass the first interview. And after clearing first interview, I had to take an aptitude+personality test to become eligible for final interview. Thanks to Kojima san who gave me many information sources to prepare for the test. With all the support and guidance, I passed the test and final interview and got my desired placement in T. Company. Finally, my goal of working as an Engineer at a Japanese company is about to realize.

Through this journey, I made many Indians and Japanese friends. And I’m really grateful for this!
Thanks to the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) Japan team for helping out students like us to realize our dreams. I will cherish this experience forever!


1. プロジェクト名 :

2. 背景 :

・採用プロセスは、会社のプロトコルによって異なります。 一部の企業は面接の前にブートキャンプや試験を行っています。 ただし、直接面接を行う企業もあります。 そのため、学生は企業のプロセスと基準に応じてさまざまな企業に備える必要があります。

・今日の学生は、インターネットやさまざまなウェブサイトを使用して、採用プロセスの準備をしています。 そのため、学生が色んなウェブサイトを検索しなくても、就職のサポートやすべての企業に関する情報を入手できる単一のプラットフォームを作成したいと考えて、このプロジェクトを始めました。

3.目的 :


3プロセス :
・最初にシステムは学生からの入力を受け取ります。 その入力には、学生のデータやその他の活動、学生の興味が含まれます。このデータを使用して、システムは学生のプロファイルを作成します。


・このシステムは、予測に機械学習アルゴリズムの回帰法を使用します。 予測後、学生は任意の会社を選択して、その会社に関するすべての情報を表示できます。 その後、学生はモックテストを受けて会社の面接試験と面接の準備をすることができます。

5.期待される結果 :
・学生の成績と会社の基準を一致させることにより、適切な会社を予測します。 そして、それに応じて学生が会社の採用プロセスの準備をできる単のプラットフォーム。




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