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She majored in electrical engineering and has a two-week internship at Nagasaki University in Japan. She worked on circuit design and coding for the development of an interesting device called wireless skipping rope. An ambitious student who wants to study English in the Philippines.



South Korea
Chungbuk National University
Electronics and Communications Engineering


[From application for participation in ASIA to JAPAN to decision to participate in the event] I thought that it would be better to get a job overseas than to get a job in Japan because I have various experiences when I was young while preparing for employment after graduating from university. So, I decided to get a job in Japan, which I had been interested in for a long time and started studying Japanese and preparing for employment.

One day, my friend introduced me to ASIA to JAPAN. If I decide to participate, not only will I be able to have interviews with three or more companies, but I will also be able to solve the problems of flight tickets to Japan and accommodation during the event, so I found it attractive. I submitted the materials and entry sheet for the graduation project to ASIA to JAPAN, and after that, I had an interview with the staff of ASIA to JAPAN to give a brief explanation of the graduation project and why I wanted to work in Japan.

[Preparation for participation in the event] When you decide to participate in the event, you will receive a list of companies to be interviewed at the event, and while interviewing the staff of ASIA to JAPAN several times, help explain the company to be interviewed and prepare for the interview. I was able to get it. Some companies took the SPI test in advance, so I took the SPI test, prepared expected questions and answers for each company, and practiced so that I could explain in Japanese even if I received a question about the graduation project.

[Event schedule] On the first day, when I arrived at the airport, the staff was waiting, so I could go to the inn without worry. On the second day, I was able to prepare for the interview by listening to the explanations of the companies participating in the event. After receiving the first interview on the third day, the pass / fail will be given on the day, so the company that passed the first interview was able to take the second interview the next day. I’m glad that the second interview also gave me immediate results and the waiting time was short. Among the companies that passed the final exam, I decided on one company that I would like to visit, and the next day I visited the company’s factory and inside the company, so I was able to learn more about the company. I went to the company with the person in charge of the company, so I was able to tour without worrying about anything.

[After the event] After the event was over and I returned to Japan, I had time to decide which of the successful companies to join. After the decision was made, I sent an email to ASIA to JAPAN as to which company I would like to join, and the company I wanted to join contacted me and finally received a job offer.

[Impression] Since this is an event for hiring foreigners, you will understand it even if you are not a native Japanese speaker, but you have to use an entry sheet to participate in this event, and I want to say it in the interview. I think you need more Japanese skills than everyday conversation to be able to speak. And, at this event, instead of seeing the recruitment announcement and issuing an entry sheet and having an interview, you will have the opportunity to have an interview with a company that has expressed your intention to interview by looking at your resume, so with a company that suits you are likely to meet. I want everyone to have the opportunity to attend the event and join a company that suits them.


私はFinal year projectで、空間の制約がなく、楽に運動できる運動器具があったら、多い人が運動すると思い、ワイヤレス縄跳びを作りました。





周りの電波を電圧に変える回路ですが、最も効率的に電圧に変える回路を設計しました。半年は回路の動作原理の理解するために回路を機能別にわけ、論文と本を読んで勉強しました。それから半年はツールで回路を設計し、 実際に回路を作ったら出る結果をシミュレーションをしました。



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Mechanical Engineering
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Bandung Institute of Technology