Control and measurement equipment manufacturer

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. A top-level student in Thailand, hence, can also interview in Japanese. The research is an experimental effort in anticipation that the noise control method used in the acoustic field will be applied in the robotics field in “active noise canceling to reduce the transmitted sound from the opening window”. By repeating learning from previous research, experimenting and improving, we are narrowing down our wisdom and approaching completion for application in fields with higher speed and higher instability.


Chulalongkorn University
Mechanical Engineering


Ever since I was a kid, I watched Japanese anime and TV programs and thought, “This country is very beautiful, and I want to live with a lot of wonderful skills.” Working in Japan became my dream and I started studying Japanese. I am currently majoring in mechanical engineering at Chulalongkorn University. When I was in the third year, I participated in the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) to study Japanese. In this project, I was able to study business Japanese and honorifics for free. I also practiced interviews many times in class. I think this project will be very useful for finding a job in Japan.

I started job hunting when I was in the 4th year. At first, I had an interview with ASIA to JAPAN on Skype. This interview aimed finding a company that suits me. Not only the type of work, but also the location of the company is important. Then, I wrote about my graduation thesis, FYP, and self-introduction video, and explained why I wanted to work in Japan.

Before the interview, there was a mentoring session with ASIA to JAPAN. This mentoring session not only prepares for an interview, but also talks about various things about working in Japan. At that time, I was wondering if it would be good to work without studying the master’s course after graduating, but after consulting various things with my mentor, I was able to have a job interview with peace of mind. Due to the coronavirus, I interviewed all online, so I think it’s very convenient to be able to do the interview without going to Japan.

Now I have passed the final interview of A. Corporation and got a job offer.

This company is at the forefront of the area that I’m very interested in, i.e. control engineering, and I sympathize with the company’s philosophy. And the location of the company is also good, so I’m looking forward to joining the company.


この卒業論文は実験的研究である。目標に達成するため、先行研究を読み、制御方法を選び、実験し、改良するという実験ループをしていた。最初にMATLAB Simulinkというプログラムで制御システムを設計し、アクティブノイズコントロールのシミュレーションを行った。次、ダクトのようなモデルでLMS(Least Mean Squares)や,NLMS(Normalized Least Mean Squares)や,RLS(Recursive Least Squares)や、FDAF(Frequency-Domain Adaptive Filter)の色々な適応フィルタのアルゴリズムを通じて騒音低減を実験し、低減性能を比べ、モデルに最適なNLMSアルゴリズムを選んだ。そして、選んだアルゴリズムの変数を調査する。最後、MATLAB Simulinkを通じて、設計した制御システムでダクト内のアクティブノイズコントロールを行った。結果は騒音が半分以上に低減出来たが、安定性はまだ低い。つまり、騒音が下がってから、また大きくなる時もあった。この問題を解決するため、MATLAB Simulinkの代わりにDSP BoardやFPGA Boardを通じて制御するの方が望ましいかもしれない。


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The Chinese University of Hong Kong ranks 7th in Asia. The graduation research is market research on smartphone games, looking at what and how much people charge for smartphone games. She is a smart student and has a good conversations in Japanese. Can speak Mandarin and Cantonese, Japanese, and English.


An Indian student who studied information engineering at UVCE University attached to Bangalore University, acquired JLPT-N3 by himself and is currently studying N1. He has participated in internships at Japanese companies and Indian startups. The startup intern developed an application to manage chargers and charging station facilities for electric vehicles. A cheerful student who likes to challenge new and difficult things and has a very positive attitude.


A woman who graduated from the Department of Computer Science, M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering. After graduation, she has been working at a web application development company. In her graduation research, she developed an earthquake prediction system using the Deep Q learning algorithm. The conversation level in Japanese is high, and interviews are possible in Japanese. Currently aiming JLPT N2.


Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The graduation project is a “semi-automatic cam contour tester”, and is interested in a wide range of fields such as automation, 3D design, robotics, and IT technology. After graduating from university, he achieved high grades in the design competition of Dassault Systèmes, and is currently working on product development for clients using Ruby as an intern at ASIA to JAPAN. Faithful and gentle personality.