rear-view mirrors' manufacturer for Japanese automobiles

A student of COEP’s Department of Materials Engineering and Minor of Information Engineering, which is the top college of Pune University. In his graduation research, he plans to study materials for electromagnetic shields. In the three-year project, he conducted research on corrosion control of machines and airplanes used in the aerospace industry. During the internship, as a material engineer, he experienced testing materials used for motorcycles and working as a mathematical model of magnesium for automobiles. In addition, he is also interested in finance and programming and has various knowledge. He’s one who can communicate calmly.



Savitribai Phule Pune University


My friend had received a job offer in Japan and informed me of the many opportunities there. I had always liked Japanese because of various TV shows and films that I watched, but after hearing from my friend, I decided to enroll in a Japanese course and learn the language for real, and I loved the language! I was taught not just the language but also the culture of Japan. The course also had this FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) which is amazing.

I applied for the program after I was confident enough in my Japanese language proficiency. I had to prepare for a Skype interview with an ASIA to JAPAN staff member. The purpose of this interview was to evaluate my Japanese language skills, understand my research topic, and learn about my motivations for working in Japan.

Then I had to make a PR video that showed who I am and my skills within a minute. Once I was matched with a company as per my skills and projects, I was assigned a mentor who guided me through the process and helped me understand Japanese company cultures and expectations. With all the guidance from the ASIA to JAPAN staff and my mentor, I was placed in a good company, and my journey to working in Japan started.

Last but not least, from learning Japanese to getting placed in a company, it is quite a zig-zag road, and keeping up with the hard work and motivation is sometimes difficult. My parents have supported me a lot in this journey, so have my teachers, who taught me the best of the Japanese language, and my friends, with whom I practiced Japanese every now and then.

I am thankful to ASIA TO JAPAN for bringing me this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to this new experience.



さまざまなタイプの保護方法がレビューされ、それらの実装と有効性が記録されました。 4つの金属の腐食率が収集しました。


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A student of mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, he is currently conducting research on car chassis. In addition, he is taking on the challenge of learning IT in the wake of restrictions on machine-related internships at Corona, and he can devise ways to overcome adversity even in difficult situations. The Go NIHON app, which I developed myself, allows me to search for tourist spots in Japan, and I created it by myself from the front to the back. Human resources with knowledge of both IT and machinery.

Specializes in mechanical engineering and mechatronics at the University of Pune, India. In his graduation research, under the title of “Design and Development of Automatic Cookers,” he is developing a cooker that allows people who cannot cook or who do not have time to cook delicious food in a short time. All one has to do is provide the necessary ingredients and quantity required for the selected dish and heat it with an induction cooker. He has four members and is in charge of hardware design. He is interested in Japan because he learned about Japan’s high technical capabilities, Japanese way of thinking about work, work environment, etc. from his uncle who has worked in Japan for 8 years using CATIA and SOLIDWORKS in 3D-CAD. He wishes to improve his skills by working in Japan, which has high technical skills.

A student of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia. Learn Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Services. A student who is also studying Data Structure and Algorithms and is training to think analytically. He’s also interested in AI, so if he has the expected potential, I would recommend him to be hired. He is currently studying Japanese and it is expected that he will reach a level where he can communicate, by the time he joins the company. A calm-natured person.

A student majoring in electrical engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, the highest level of science and engineering in Indonesia. In the graduation project, the team is working on the development of the GPS tracking system and is mainly in charge of the system. He is interested in a wide range of technology fields such as IoT, digital signal processing, circuit design, and VR. A bright and positive personality.