Major general retailer (holding company)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong ranks 7th in Asia. The graduation research is market research on smartphone games, looking at what and how much people charge for smartphone games. She is a smart student and has a good conversations in Japanese. Can speak Mandarin and Cantonese, Japanese, and English.



Hong Kong
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Foreign Language Department


Before joining FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program), I participated in other recruiting activities, but I couldn’t get an ideal offer. After that, I applied for FAST OFFER Int’l in October 2019 with an introduction from a friend. Through this activity, with the support of ASIA to JAPAN, I found a suitable job. FAST OFFER Int’l is not only an employment fair for Japanese companies to hire foreign talent, but also a platform for foreign youth to learn to find employment in Japan. From signing up for an event to officially attending the event, Asia to JAPAN mentors will meet with participants several times on Skype. They revise the participant’s resume, explain the points of the interview in detail, and conduct multiple mock interviews. If you have any questions, you can always ask your mentor. Despite being busy, the questions are answered very kindly, so I feel that attending this event is not a one-man battle, but I felt that my confidence has increased a lot. It is no wonder that 60% of the participants can get offers from Japanese companies through FAST OFFER Int’l. Even if not hired, participants can use the Japanese job-hunting information learned at FAST OFFER Int’l to prepare for future job-hunting activities. If you want to work in Japan and don’t know what to do, I highly recommend FAST OFFER Int’l.







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An IT major student from India. She’s studying software development and application development at university and is good at Python and C++. In the graduation project, the team is working on the creation of an “online community web app” and is in charge of the back-end role. She has an attitude of actively acquiring knowledge, such as experiencing an internship at a company that develops AR services.

A student of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia. Learn Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Services. A student who is also studying Data Structure and Algorithms and is training to think analytically. He’s also interested in AI, so if he has the expected potential, I would recommend him to be hired. He is currently studying Japanese and it is expected that he will reach a level where he can communicate, by the time he joins the company. A calm-natured person.

A Kazakh student studying Japanese at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the Japanese language major, she is engaged in graduation research under the theme of “One Belt, One Road.” She doesn’t have JLPT, but can aim for N1 (currently reaches N2 level). Having studied abroad at Waseda University in Japan, she has a wide field of view. Highly understandable and smooth communication.

Majored in Electronics and Telecommunications at the University of Pune, India. She is interested in IoT, and in her graduation research, she's worked on a project to create a device to determine whether communication was normal without security problems. A very active student who participates in an internship as a production engineer. She is also fluent in English and is working hard to learn Japanese in preparation for JLPT Level 2.