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My major is aviation engineering, but I am also interested in mechanical engineering classes. He is an intern and has experience in designing mechanical lines at SOLIDWORKS. His research is on the mechanical behavior of metal lattices with different topologies under quasi-static compression by laminated modeling, under the guidance of professors and doctors. He is cheerful and energetic, and has a strong desire to complete conversations and descriptions in Japanese.

What the company thought:The fact that he was able to balance university life in a different region of Taiwan with his efforts to earn living expenses through part-time jobs and other means, despite being from Indonesia, was highly evaluated as one of his strengths in his ability to get things done. The fact that he had repeatedly created and tested actual prototype machines as part of his university research was also highly evaluated.



National Taiwan University
Mechanical Engineering


I always had a liking for Japan and Japanese language given my keen interest in technology. So, I started learning Japanese not for any other reason but genuine interest. I had learnt German before so learning a new language was not a new concept for me. But I was genuinely surprised when learning the language gave me so much insight into not only the Japanese culture but also the way Japanese people think.

A friend who got his job through the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) suggested me to give it a shot. As I already knew about the work culture and way of thinking of Japanese people, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. An opportunity to work in Japan with the added bonus of learning Japanese for free seemed like a great deal. Once I was fluent enough, I applied for the interview rounds. I had to go through various rounds, first being the screening followed by a session with the mentor. All the conversations were in Japanese only, which gave me opportunity to speak confidently. My mentor helped me a lot and thanks to his help, I was selected for an interview with five major companies. And then I set out for Japan.

As this was the first time, I set foot outside my country, I was worried. But the staff at ASIA to JAPAN were extremely helpful and friendly. They did everything from booking the tickets to ensuring we have the documents for visa to being there at the airport to receive us with a warm smile. Even during the interviews, they helped us in understanding what the company’s expectations are and how to tackle the interviews. As I had 5 interviews, my day was very busy, but I did my best and three out of five companies selected me for the final interview. At the end of the interviews, I was selected by Daifuku which was my most preferred company. Next day, I hopped on the bullet train to visit the company factory at Shiga. It was an amazing experience. It was a great chance to learn more about the company and see the products in real time. I’ll be joining Daifuku in April of 2021.

I’m very excited for my new venture into unknown as I will live in Japan by myself. I am very thankful to ASIA to JAPAN for this wonderful opportunity and helping me out to get closer to my dreams.


1.題名:Solid-State Interfacial Dealloying(SSID)法によるナノサイズ多孔金属の作製


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