Manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, and other motorized products.

The theme of his graduation thesis is “Research on master-slave robots”, and a team of three people worked on the development of a robot that works according to the instructions given by the master. He is in charge of designing slave robots and image processing. Aiming to play an active role as a mechanical engineer in Japan, where engineering technology is developing, after graduating from university, he concentrates on learning Japanese.


Anna University
Mechanical Engineering


Hello everyone,
This is Praveen, who did my B.E Mechanical Engineering in Anna University-MIT, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
I never had the thought of studying foreign language for my career until my 3rd year of Engineering. Fortunately, I had a Japanese company seminar in my college and that drew my attention towards the passion of working in Japan. This opened up my mind and I decided to start learning Japanese. The most surprising thing is I joined in a Japanese school before my college ended, which is run by my old college senior, who had been working in Japan for more than 30 years. Even though I got a offer from a famous tire manufacturing company, I rejected that and continued my N3 Japanese study. In the Middle of N3 I started looking for job opportunities, at the time, I came to know about “FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program)” through my Japanese Sensei. I applied for it in November with no expectation. It’s a huge surprise for me that I got the call for the interview. when the results came out, I had been selected by 5 companies for interview, out of that My dream company Yamaha Motor Corp, Japan is the most favorite one, that I had wished to enter.
My mentor taught me, what the companies are looking for, what kind of skills, knowledge sets, job roles, what the company’s recent researched and developments,etc. I worked on my interview preparation exactly in that way. I had never been in a flight ever before. This was my first flight experience flying to world’s best city for free of cost (Can’t express it through words). I gave my best in all interviews; the next day I had Yamaha’s 2nd round, again I did somewhat well. Then I was waiting for my next company interview. In the meantime, I heard a voice from the ASIA to JAPN desk saying,” Praveen, can we have you here, please”. They said, “Yamaha is ready to hire you, are you ok?”. This made me blown out completely, I was dumb founded. I said, “It’s like a dream come true moment, yes of course I’ll accept it”. From that moment, I started feeling like Japan is my second home. I was lucky enough to experience the Japanese bullet train while visiting Yamaha motor in Shizuoka . Now I’m studying N2 under Yamaha’s burden and my joining is in October 2020. This gave me a good chance to make new friends from India and other countries. Since I’ve been living with my parents throughout, I am really looking forward to living in Japan by myself.

I extend my gratitude everyone in ASIA to JAPAN for this life changing opportunity and splendid experience!


スレイブロボットは2-自由度(じゆうど)(degree of freedom)です。スレイブロボットアームをSolidworksソフターでデサントして、polystyrene sheetで作って、サーボモーター二つを使って, スレイブロボットを組み立てました。
マスター は私です。私はスレイブロボットのend-effectorのうごきを画像処理(がぞうしょり)で指導(しどう)します。
画像処理(がぞうしょり)で取った二次元座標(にじげんざひょう)パイントをinverse kinematics algorithmに入力して、もらう角度をサーボモーターに入力します。



スレイブロボットは2-自由度(じゆうど)(degree of freedom)です。スレイブロボットアームをSolidworksソフターでデサントして、polystyrene sheetで作って、サーボモーター二つを使って, スレイブロボットを組み立てました。



I made a master slave robot, where i as master, guide my 2-DOF Robotic arm in space through IMAGE PROCESSING.The camera
records my (end-effector)Hand motion ,instantly process each frame and returns me the pixel coordinates , further these
pixel goes through inverse-Kinematics algorithm ,which converts coordinates into Angles(O1,O2) for servo motors,which align
the robotic link-arm ,so that the robotic end-effector will be in my desired point in the work volume.


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I am researching “extending the life of an electric vehicle battery control system”. I feel that my hard-working personality and the working culture of Japanese people who produce results as a team rather than individuals are more suited to me than those in my home country, and I strongly hope to work in Japan, so I have been studying for a year and a half. Acquire Japanese ability at the level of daily conversation.


A graduate of Mechanical Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She started studying Japanese when she was in the first year of college, and acquired JLPT-N3 at the end of last year. She has no problem communicating in Japanese. Her graduation project is “Measurement error analysis of thermocouples”. Her research themes include “design and manufacture of vending machines for instant noodles” as a manufacturing project, and “research on mechanical seals” as an intern at Eagle Industry in Japan for two and a half months. She is studying hard and is active in various extracurricular activities (volunteer speech contests, etc.).


An Indian student who studied information engineering at UVCE University attached to Bangalore University, acquired JLPT-N3 by himself and is currently studying N1. He has participated in internships at Japanese companies and Indian startups. The startup intern developed an application to manage chargers and charging station facilities for electric vehicles. A cheerful student who likes to challenge new and difficult things and has a very positive attitude.


A student majoring in machinery at the Top College of Pune University. Interested in robot technology, he is working on a project at the Robotics Institute of Pune University. He has also participated in Robocon, and last year he won the 6th place in the whole country. The 3rd grade project was designed for a rocker-bogie machine and used the technology used in the rover made for space exploration. From the experience of a team of four, he learned the importance of teamwork and the ability to produce better output. He wants to acquire technology in Japan and make high-quality products. He is also quite fluent in Japanese.