Japanese material-handling equipment company

A student majoring in electrical engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, the highest level of science and engineering in Indonesia. In the graduation project, the team is working on the development of the GPS tracking system and is mainly in charge of the system. He is interested in a wide range of technology fields such as IoT, digital signal processing, circuit design, and VR. A bright and positive personality.



Institut Teknologi Bandung


From nobody who could only dream about Japan until that dream come true. In the beginning, I was only a student from a high school in the countryside. At that time, I really like to spend my time watching anime, reading manga, and searching for life in Japan and Japanese culture. I even set my goals to be able to speak Japanese and get a job in Japan. But, since there was neither Japanese class, Japanese club, nor friend or senior that interested in Japan, I could only learn Japanese by myself. After entering college, I found ASIA to JAPAN’s programs. They said that this is a great chance to not only learn about the Japanese language and its culture but also get a job in Japan. I was really happy about that. And then I submitted the registration form instantly. With a great sensei and kind friends, I felt that was easier to understand Japanese. From reading hiragana and katakana, learning some grammar, remembering kanjis, practicing talking to each other, etc. I really like how sensei taught us Japanese. Since my sensei had experienced lived in Japan, we occasionally talked about it and got some insight from it. Although I had so many things to do at that time, I really enjoyed my time in that class. Once I passed the Japanese class, I was asked to prepare some documents, including self-promotional videos (PR videos), final year project (FYP) or project that you have done before, motivation letter, etc. Since those documents are used to promote you to the companies, make sure to make the best appealing. So, you could be easily noticed by the companies. After getting an offer, ASIA to JAPAN’s staff also helped me so much in the interview preparation. Thank you, Kanbara Kouji san that has been, helping me that time. Not only helped me with practicing interview, but ASIA to JAPAN’s staff also reminded me of the schedule, things or steps that should I do, etc. In the end, I want to thank all of ASIA to JAPAN and FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) staff for helping us get our dream to work in Japan.


GPS トラキングシステムの目的
1. 研究の目的
このプロジェクトはGPSトラキングシステム作るため、Sigfox のlow frequency 0G ネットワークを使うシステムです。Low frequency トランスミッションデバイスは将来的にIoTデバイスを開発する可能性がある。それ以上、Sigfox はインドネシアで比較的に新しいプロバイダーですから、私たちの指導教官はこのプロジェクトをすすめました。
2. 過程
3. 結果
Sigfox プロバイダーはまだジャカルタ使用可能です。バンドンにまだ使用可能ではありません。ですから、このプロジェクトはWiFiモジュールを使用に変更されています。使うGPSセンサーは100m未満の位置データエラーを検出できます。
4. 振り返り
このプロジェクトから、私はGPS センサーを使う簡単なデザインシステムを学ぶことができました。


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