Japanese material-handling equipment company

A female student majoring in electronic communication engineering with knowledge of both hardware and software. In the third grade project, she developed a wireless device to assist the driver of a car in driving and parking and was in charge of circuit design with the team leader. In addition to studying at university, she has participated in projects as an internship. Those who have a strong sense of responsibility to respect the opinions and actions of those around them and to act with leadership.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Electronics and Telecommunication


My Japanese learning journey started about a year and a half ago (from 2019) due to my interest in Japanese culture. I luckily came across FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) and researched more about it. The fact that this program gave foreigners a chance to work in Japan excited me. The placement process started with a skype interview with one of the staff of ASIA to JAPAN. After I cleared the interview, I had to submit a PR video, project summary, project document, and an essay on ‘Why I want to work in Japan’. After the successful submission, I was also recommended to take a coding test to increase the chances of getting a match from a company. After my application, D. Co., Ltd was my very first match. I was excited and at the same time nervous about the interview. I was given a week to prepare for the interview and was assigned to a mentor to guide me. Mentor sessions helped me a lot to groom myself and boost my confidence. I got to know more about the company during the mentor sessions. After which I also attended ‘Orientation Session’ which was held by ASIA to JAPAN to know more about the company. I got to know about the job openings and different departments of the company. The Orientation Session was followed by ‘Company Information Session’ where I got to know about the company in detail from the HR of the company. I needed to clear two interviews for this company. Currently, I’m in the fourth year of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (BE). I’m studying JLPT N2 as well and will be joining D Company in April 2023. The staff of ASIA to JAPAN is very friendly and supportive. Right from learning Japanese to getting placed in Japan, ASIA to JAPAN helped me on my every step. Even in this pandemic, the process of online interviews was so smooth. All thanks to ASIA to JAPAN. I’ll be grateful for my life for this life-changing opportunity. It was a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to starting my life in Japan.


まだ 四年に入っていないので、卒業論文はまだ書いていません。 次の説明は、三年生の時のミニプロジェクトについてです。

研究の目的 :
過程 :
1. Atmega 328P マイクロコントローラ
2. 超音波センサーモジュール hc-sr04
3. 434MHz RF ASK 送信機および受信機
4. 2.4インチTFTタッチスクリーン
5. 7805 IC
1. Arduino IDE
このデバイスは ニつのモジュールで構成されています –
• 送信機の端に配置された超音波センサーは、 障害物を送信機側のマイクロコントローラーに渡します。
•マイクロコントローラは、音速によって障害物の距離を計算します 。
• 次に、コントローラーはこの情報を 434 MHz 送信モジュールに渡して、モジュールが送信します。
• レシーバーはトランスミッターからデータを受信するため、 プログラマーのコードに基づいて 三つのレベルに分類されます。
• 距離に基づいてマイクロコントローラーは障害物までの距離に関するこの情報は、TFT ディスプレイに表示され、ブザーがトリガーされます。
送信側で障害物を感知し、受信側でTFT ディスプレイにデータを表示し、ブザーを鳴らすワイヤレス デバイスを構築しました。このプロジェクトは費用対効果が高く、ユーザーフレンドリーであり、多くの人々が車の避けられないへこみを遅らせるのに役立ちます。
振り返り :
ワイヤレス技術、センサー、マイクロコントローラーとのインターフェース、Arduino、プログラミング、回路構築、はんだなどの技術スキルとは別に、プロジェクトを管理し、チームと協力し、チームをリードすることを学びました。プロジェクトの最初に描いたものがプロジェクトの最後に達成されたので、調査はうまくいったと言えます。すべてに常に改善の余地があるように、このプロジェクトもそうです。送信モジュールと受信モジュールは、特定の無線周波数で動作します。送信信号に同じ周波数の信号が混ざると、正常に動作しない場合があります。 ZigBeeを利用することで改善できます。しかし、ZigBee を使用するとプロジェクトのコストが増加するため、プロジェクトを予算に優しいものにしたかったので、それは行いませんでした。
エンジニアとして、私たちは生き物の生活を もっとリラックスと簡単になるために働きます。このアイデアと作品のインスピレーションは、 まさにこれでした。道路に敢然と運転するドライバー向けの低コストのソリューションです 。


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Graduated from Dhaka International University, Faculty of Computer Science, currently working as a software engineer. During research at university, he created an anti-theft alarm system that can monitor vehicles with smartphones and laptops to prevent automobile theft. High level of conversational Japanese. A person with a bright and positive personality.

A Kazakh student studying Japanese at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the Japanese language major, she is engaged in graduation research under the theme of “One Belt, One Road.” She doesn’t have JLPT, but can aim for N1 (currently reaches N2 level). Having studied abroad at Waseda University in Japan, she has a wide field of view. Highly understandable and smooth communication.

A woman who graduated from the Department of Computer Science, M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering. After graduation, she has been working at a web application development company. In her graduation research, she developed an earthquake prediction system using the Deep Q learning algorithm. The conversation level in Japanese is high, and interviews are possible in Japanese. Currently aiming JLPT N2.

Indian majoring in computer science. The graduation project is the development of EC site using MERN (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) stack, Redux and AWS. Created all by himself from the front to the back, and the degree of completion is high (with Github). After graduating from the University of Delhi, he is aiming to get a job in Japan, but due to the influence of Corona, he is currently working as a contract employee at an Indonesian company as a full stack engineer. A bright expression and sufficient Japanese ability. Since he has experience, he is expected to play an active role in Japanese companies.