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A woman majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, India. Her research theme is the design and development of automatic fruit harvesting robots. She's working on the development of a system in which a camera is attached to the robot arm and image processing is performed to detect the maturity state and position of the fruit, and the robot arm harvests the fruit and trees without damaging them. She leads the team as a leader in this project.



Savitribai Phule Pune University
Mechanical Engineering


As a mechanical engineer, Japanese technology in the fields of Mechatronics and Robotics has always astounded me. My friend told me about the great FAST OFFER International program and how useful it is for engineers overseas while I was in my second year of engineering, and so we both began our adventure of learning the Japanese language and culture. Learning Japanese was at first quite enjoyable when lessons were held in person, but as online sessions became more common, they became more challenging. My Japanese class professors were wonderful and made the entire online procedure simple and entertaining for us. Because my graduation is in 2022, I was quickly eligible for the mock interviews with sensei. At first, I was hesitant to speak Japanese, but as time went on, I gained confidence. After practicing kaiwa with my friends, I was able to speak Japanese and passed the mock interview. Once the mock interview with sensei was done, I had a Skype interview with the admin of the ASIA to JAPAN staff. This interview was to ensure that my basic Japanese skills were good enough to face the actual interviews with the companies, whether I had clear knowledge about what I was studying and my research, and my reasons behind opting for Japan to start my career. After passing the SKYPE interview, I had to prepare a PR video and submit the documents for my final year projects and internship. As the PR video was the most important part and a first impression for the participating companies in the event, I made sure I looked presentable and delivered my content smoothly. Immediately, in a span of a week, I was chosen by a company, but due to a lack of confidence and language understanding, I was not able to clear it. After a month, I was again selected by a company and, with the help of my mentor, Mr. Kouji Kambhara, I was able to clear the first 2 rounds of it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to clear the last one. I was deeply saddened, but Kouji san motivated me and asked me to keep trying and never give up. Next month, I was again selected by a company. This time, I and Kouji san made sure I was 100% prepared. I cleared the first round. The next day, there was an aptitude test (maths) and a personality test, basically to get an idea of my personality. After this test, I became eligible for the final interview and cleared it too! :) I was on cloud nine when I heard from Tomita san that I cleared it and soon I would receive an offer letter from the company. My family members, friends, Kouji san, Mayu san, and Sayuri san were all equally happy for me as it was like a dream come true. To all my friends applying for this process, I would like to say that I hope you don’t give up and keep trying. If not in this month, not even the next one, surely you will be able to crack it in the next one. Have patience and keep trying by giving your 100%. I hope, like mine, your dreams will come true too, and I surely would like to read your success stories as well;). I would like to give a big hand of gratitude to my family for always believing in me, Rohini for recommending me for such an amazing platform, all my Japanese class teachers, and the whole staff of FAST OFFER International, especially Kouji san, Mayu Kawai san, and Sayuri Tomita san for motivating me and never giving up on me. Without you all, the whole journey would have been impossible:)



デジタル農業は、農業業界における現在の課題に対する答えです。業界への若者の関心の欠如、より多くの食料を必要とする人口の増加、質と量を絶えずチェックする必要性。自動化された果物収穫ロボットの開発は、これらの問題の解決策として実行可能です。私たちのプロジェクトの動機は、スタッフを削減し、費用対効果を高めることでした。農業は国の最も重要な側面であるため、農業部門で行われるすべてのプロジェクトは有益です。私たちはいくつかの調査を行い、プロジェクトにいくつかの追加を追加しました。 Googleで入手できる多くの研究論文の助けを借りて、それに応じてプロジェクトにいくつかの改善を加えました。


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