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Indian majoring in computer science. The graduation project is the development of EC site using MERN (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) stack, Redux and AWS. Created all by himself from the front to the back, and the degree of completion is high (with Github). After graduating from the University of Delhi, he is aiming to get a job in Japan, but due to the influence of Corona, he is currently working as a contract employee at an Indonesian company as a full stack engineer. A bright expression and sufficient Japanese ability. Since he has experience, he is expected to play an active role in Japanese companies.

What the company thought:The offer was given in recognition of his experience and skills as an online intern at an overseas company and his very high Japanese language skills, despite being self-taught.



University of Delhi
Computer Science


The idea of living and working in Japan has been a dream I’ve held close for a long time. I started learning the Japanese language when I started college and day by day, I fell more in love with it. I passed the JLPT N5 and N4 levels, skipped level N3 and took the N2 exam, but I didn’t pass. But I had continued studying Japanese and worked on improving my spoken Japanese skills. After college, my goal was to find a job in Japan and build a career in Japan, but without an N2 level certificate, without much working experience and just a N4 level certificate, it was quite a challenge to get interview opportunities. I tried many job-hunting websites, but I couldn’t find opportunities for foreigners. After some months, feeling dejected, I went online to do a google search for job opportunities. That was when I found FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program). It was exactly what I had been searching for. I applied to the program and hoped for the best. After going through information about my skills, I was accepted for the program!

The first step after information screening was a casual interview with an admin from FAST OFFER Int’l. I objective for this interview was to assess my Japanese language skills and see if I was seeking a job in Japan for the right reasons, and not frivolous reasons. Overall, the interview was really nice, and the experience only made me feel more comfortable and confident about my Japanese language skills. Soon after, I was elated to find out that I had passed this interview!

For the interviews and tests I received, I was aided by mentors from FAST OFFER Int’l, who held mentoring sessions which served as very informative and productive practice for the interviews. I think the mentoring sessions are absolutely crucial for performing well in the interviews. The sessions taught me how to get my vision across in the right way and gave me a great mindset to be able to be confident during interviews. The mentors were incredibly friendly and made me feel very comfortable and confident even when I was very nervous about the interviews. They have gone out of their ways to help me, and I’m eternally grateful for their extremely valuable help.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, candidates like me weren’t able to take the interviews in person in Japan. The interviews and tests were held online, but the people at FAST OFFER Int’l made the process of entering the interviews online very streamlined and a breeze to understand. ASIA to JAPAN also regularly held informative sessions for people to attend together to learn more about working in Japan and many details that I think most may miss when trying to find a job to start a career in Japan.

I received two interview opportunities, and ultimately a job offer. I will join Teraoka Seiko this year as a software engineer. My goal of soon living and working in Japan is finally about to be achieved, and I owe a lot to the great and friendly people at FAST OFFER Int’l. Thank you to everyone at FAST OFFER Int’l for this amazing opportunity and experience!


MERN(MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS)スタックとReduxとAWSを使用したECサイトの作成
1.製品 2.オーダー 3.ユーザー 4.管理人
4つRESTful APIを作成してCRUD操作をできるようにしました。
1. ホームページに4つランダム製品を表示
2. 全部の製品を表示する画面
3. 各製品のページ  
4. 製品をカートに追加と削除可能
5. 管理人向け製品をアップロードや変更や消すようにCMS画面
6. ユーザ向け買いました製品を表示か消すようにCMS画面
7. 製品かメーカーの名前を基づいて製品の検査もできます。


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