chemical and cosmetics company

He’s from Bangladesh and a doctoral student in chemical engineering at Hiroshima University. The research theme is the removal of harmful components from water using a polymer gel-filled with a catalyst. He succeeded in removing arsenic and manganese with the same adsorbent at neutral pH and received multiple awards for this paper.


Hiroshima University
Chemical Engineering


I’ve been in Japan for nearly six years. I finished my master’s degree and am now working on my Ph.D. Job hunting was extremely difficult for me as a foreigner with inadequate Japanese skills. When I first started looking for work, I felt as if I were swimming in a sea with no sense of direction. In fact, all I wanted to do was stay afloat in the waves. There were a few ups and many downs. There were times when I was on the verge of giving up. I, on the other hand, continued to believe in God. I did not give up and continued my job quest. With the aid of God, I was introduced to Mr. Fukushima from ASIA to JAPAN, who recommended that I apply to a chemical and cosmetics company, one of Japan’s major firms. He reviewed my résumé before I applied and advised me on how to improve it. Mr. Fukushima double-checked my entry sheet before I submitted it, making sure it was error-free. It’s worth noting that he continued to assist me even on vacations and at odd hours. When I received an interview call, I met with Mr. Okumura, one of the ASIA to JAPAN’s consultants. He coached me in preparing for the interview in such a way that he ended up encouraging and energizing me. In a nutshell, he showed me where I belonged and set a goal for me. He assisted me in perfecting even the tiniest aspects of the interview. The interview went well thanks to the thorough preparation. When I got the interview results a few weeks later, I couldn’t believe what I heard at first. Finally, I landed the job of my dreams. Though looking for a job in Japan was a difficult task, I must give ASIA to JAPAN credit for guiding me along the right path and assisting me in reaching my goal. It seems unlikely that I would have been able to attain my goal without their assistance.


I remove harmful components from water such as arsenic, manganese, chromium, and others using polymer gels loaded with catalysts.

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A Vietnamese student studying international business administration at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University called “The United Nations of Youth”. At university, she worked as a TA in a multicultural coexistence class that is essential for first graders and experienced the creation and management of a curriculum for 30 multinational classes in both Japanese and English with a Japanese pair TA. Engaged in global human resource development. She’d like to make use of the management and business knowledge has learned in multicultural classes and the communication skills, flexibility, and leadership that transcend nationality, language, and culture that she gained from my TA experience, and do interpersonal work such as overseas sales. Entered a university based on English standards and obtained JLPT-N1 in 2020, and Japanese, English, and Vietnamese are native level.


A graduate of Bisbubaraya Institute of Technology, India. Department of Aerospace Engineering. In the internship of Tata Sikorsky Aerospace (TSAL), he was assigned to the manufacturing engineering department of airplane parts and engines and performed a quality inspection of parts and recording of the manufacturing process. His graduation research was “Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Wind Turbines for Electric Vehicle Charging Centers”, aiming to supply a charging infrastructure that cannot keep up with the spread of electric vehicles. Experienced a series of processes from design to testing. He sympathizes with the Japanese working culture that values ​​teamwork and hopes to find a job in Japan.


A student majoring in machinery at the Top College of Pune University. Interested in robot technology, he is working on a project at the Robotics Institute of Pune University. He has also participated in Robocon, and last year he won the 6th place in the whole country. The 3rd grade project was designed for a rocker-bogie machine and used the technology used in the rover made for space exploration. From the experience of a team of four, he learned the importance of teamwork and the ability to produce better output. He wants to acquire technology in Japan and make high-quality products. He is also quite fluent in Japanese.


Born in Japan, she was in Taiwan until university, but now is a master’s student majoring in Chinese-Japanese interpreting at Peking University. Being born in Japan, she was thinking of working in Japan from the moment she realized it.