Manufacturer of transportation equipment centered on motorcycles

An Indian student who studied information engineering at UVCE University attached to Bangalore University, acquired JLPT-N3 by himself and is currently studying N1. He has participated in internships at Japanese companies and Indian startups. The startup intern developed an application to manage chargers and charging station facilities for electric vehicles. A cheerful student who likes to challenge new and difficult things and has a very positive attitude.



Bangalore University
Computer Science


As a kid, I grew up surrounded by Japanese TV shows, anime, manga and many different Japanese electronic items, and automobiles. I naturally felt a very deep longing to make Japanese friends, learn the language and if possible, even work in Japan. This led me to find friends online, both Japanese natives and people from various other countries who were learning Japanese along with me. Speaking to my friends every day in Japanese eventually led me to participate in an internship in a Japanese company and using this experience I thought of actually applying for a full-time job in Japan. I came across the FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) and immediately applied to it without any preparation. I was asked to create my profile and a PR video that would be shown to the companies during the job fair. I matched with one company at the start and was given an orientation followed by practice sessions that really helped me get used to facing an interview in Japanese. In August, I was invited by 5 companies to give an online interview as traveling to Japan was not possible due to Covid-19, but before each interview, I was given great advice by the staff at ASIA to JAPAN. Out of the 5 companies that matched with me, I passed the interview at Y. company and decided to accept their offer letter. While preparing for this interview I was invited to two practice sessions with the staff of ASIA to JAPAN which helped me reassess myself, my past, and my plan so that I could make sure that Y. company is the perfect match for me. One of the most important things about the Japanese recruitment of University graduates is that they measure your potential and how much your personality fits with the philosophy and culture of the company. So I feel it is very important to understand your personality and think of your past experiences that developed you of today and using this understanding of yourself you can be sure to find the perfect match for you where you can fulfill your dream. That is why you should make sure to show how well your personality and future ambitions match the philosophy of the company. The staff at ASIA to JAPAN is very friendly and easy to approach. They will help you with any problem related to the selection process and make sure that everything goes smoothly. I would highly recommend using their services to the fullest and prepare well for the interviews. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I was unable to visit Japan for the interviews, but everything still went very smoothly due to the excellent handling of the staff of ASIA to JAPAN. I would like to thank everyone in ASIA to JAPAN for this wonderful experience!



インターンで私がチャージポイントシミュレーター開発チームに所属し、上司から指摘されながら要求されていた機能などのコードを書いていました。チャージポイントシミュレーターの製作の動機は充電スタンドの機械や管理施設から離れた場所からシステムに起きる異状やバグ等を発見して排除する為のツールを作ることでした。開発チームに私の役割はFlutterと言うフロントエンドフレームワークを使用してウェブアプリを作成して、そのウェブアプリにチャージポイントからのメッセージ(充電中の詳細)を表示することでした。CMS(セントラル管理システム)はOCPPという通信プロトコルに従ってJSONで通信を行います。Websocketサーバーの繋がりでリアルタイムでCMSからのレスポンスログをJSONのフォーマットで受信することができます。問題だったのはwebsocketサーバーとFlutterを接続することとOCPPログをFlutterのウェブアプリで表示することでした。その問題を解決するために私が提案したことは、NodeJSでREST APIを作ってログをそのAPIに載せてHTTP通信プロトコルでFlutterとNodeのExpressサーバーを繋げることでした。
 APIを作るため、FlutterのHTTP対応ライブラリーとExpressのRESTフレームワークを約2週間研究して企画提案を上司に挙げました。提案を受け入れて頂いて、残りの6週間でREST APIを作成してFlutterでシンプルなUIデザインでOCPPログを表示することができました。


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Hong Kong
Japanese Studies
The University of Hong Kong
Electronics and Telecommunication
Savitribai Phule Pune University
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Visvesvaraya Technological University
Savitribai Phule Pune University