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Majored in space engineering in the master's program at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. In his graduation research, he studied engineering simulation that can apply machine learning to problems of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics at higher speed and lower cost. During the internship, he has experience in designing hydraulic systems for hydroelectric generators at the HYDAC Group. When he was a student, he participated in "Aksantara", which studies drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, served as the general leader of six sub-teams, and won multiple tournaments.

What the company thought:Both knowledge and expertise in hardware and experience in software were highly evaluated by the field. Through the selection process, his personality and motivation were also confirmed, and his affinity for the business was recognized.



Bandung Institute of Technology


Since I was a child, almost every technology product that was popular and high quality in my country, Indonesia, was from Japan such as cars, motorbikes, computers, air conditioners, televisions, cameras, and many other products. Experiencing this in Indonesia made me interested and tried to learn more about Japan. Then, seven years ago, I got the opportunity to join a two-week study tour to Japan where I visited Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Nara for study tour where before I went to Japan, I learned about Japan’s culture and language for months and finally went for the study tour in Japan. During my visit to Japan, I was fascinated by how technologically advanced Japan was and I became more and more interested in Japan’s culture and way of thinking. Since that study tour experience, I promise myself that one day if I have the chance, I would want to work as an engineer and stay in Japan so I could be a person who could take part and get involved in advanced technologies to design and implement innovative engineering solutions to improve people’s lives.

Then, one day I saw ASIA to JAPAN FAST OFFER International program that provides free Japanese language lessons and also provides the participant to have interview opportunities to work for Japanese companies in Japan. Being interested to start my career after my university graduation in Japan made me apply for the program and the application process for the program was quite straightforward and easy to do. Then, after being accepted to join the program, we had free Japanese language lessons for almost one year beginning from the very basics of the Japanese language up to an intermediate to advanced level and finally, we were trained for a Japanese company interview. The courses were very helpful to upskill our Japanese language skills and to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture to prepare us to work in Japan. The Japanese language sensei always encouraged us to learn and makes the learning process enjoyable. Also, the FAST OFFER International program provided us with a conversation class session with a Japanese native speaker which was very helpful.

Near the end of the program, we were trying to promote ourselves by our personal profile that describes our skills, experiences, university final projects, and self-introduction through the FAST OFFER International website for the partner companies to notice us. At that time, I was given an interview opportunity for three different companies and by following the selection process from the companies, finally I was invited to Tokyo for a final interview at the company’s head office. At that time, the staff from FAST OFFER International were giving me some advice and what to notice for my final interview. Finally, after the final interview, I was given a job offer to work in a company where I felt that I could grow and learn so much from by working there. The happiness that I felt when given the job offer was indescribable as I could finally make my dream to work in Japan come true. I would like to thank ASIA to JAPAN FAST OFFER International for providing me with these kinds of opportunities and support. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and I am very excited to start my career in a Japanese company in Japan. Even though hard work from ourselves could give us an opportunity to work in Japan, the FAST OFFER International program accelerates our chances by giving us valuable support and unique opportunities.




 モデル開発の過程 でいろいろな問題がありましたが、いつも記事を読んで、問題の 解決方法を摸作し、先生と話し合いました。開発中は一生懸命頑張ったと思います。モデル開発以外にも学部生の時はドローンや無人航空機を研究する「Aksantara」というチームに携わりました。このチームにいる間、いくつかの国内と国際大会で優勝しました。チームでは電子システムを作る担当に任されました。



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