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A graduate of the Aerospace Engineering Department of Visvesvaraya Technological University, India. The internship will be a quality inspection of engines and aviation followers for Rolls-Royce and GE at Tata Sikorsky Aerospace. He also has internship experience as a test engineer for unmanned aerial vehicles. The graduation research was "Synthesis and characterization of biofuels to replace fossil fuels", and a team of four collaborated to conduct experiments using various substances with some ingenuity even in Corona. In addition, in extracurricular activities, he is active and has high communication skills, such as the captain of a soccer team and the management of TED Ex on campus.


Visvesvaraya Technological University


I always wished to start my first career abroad, because I have a goal to become a person who can contribute to the globalization of my home country. And promisingly my uncle who pursued his Aeronautical degree also started his first career in Japan, since childhood I have always heard so many things about Japan, its way of functioning, unique culture, and kindness of Japanese people, and also how he loved his work experience there in Japan. Living and working in Japan will provide you with the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge for my career, which will not only set us apart in the global talent market but will also grant us an exciting cultural experience and lifestyle. Since then, I always wished to get an opportunity to work in Japan.

My university offered me the chance to study Japanese during my fourth year of engineering and that’s how my journey with learning the Japanese language started. Also, after completing my Japanese studies till N3 and while I was preparing for N2, I was introduced to FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) by my friend. As a part of the first interview, my Japanese skills were tested. And was also explained the information needed for the interview preparation in an easily understandable manner.

During the month of November, my friend’s profile matched with a certain Top Tier Japanese company which also boosted my confidence to continue studying Japanese, and the opportunity would definitely knock at our doors. At the start of 2022 January, the same Top Tier Japanese company also selected my profile and the interview process started, the staff and the mentor of ASIA to JAPAN are really kind and help full by which the entire process from Orientation to the final round of interviews went very smoothly. A separate mentor session with Nobu-san before each round of interviews on the Final Year Project (FYP) presentation preparation and correction and guiding us on the poster and the confidence to be developed to prepare for a Japanese interview. I am sure without these inputs from Nobu-san clearing interview would have been impossible for me. And the constant exchange of information and details on interview preparation and tips from Kojima-san and Mori-san before each interview, and boosting confidence and also clearing my instant doubts for which I’m always grateful for them. I am really thankful to ASIA to JAPAN for providing me an opportunity and helping and guiding me in fulfilling my dream come true. I am excited and looking forward to starting my career in Japan.


天然燃料(例えば、ガソリンからディーゼルなど)が世界中で減少している今、私たちは天然燃料のトピックに関するプロジェクトを持っています。 このプロジェクトの目的は、バイオごみをリサイクルし、このリサイクルされたごみを燃料として使用することです。 考えられるすべての燃料の中で、水素は最高の燃料として際立っています。 現在、水素はエネルギー分野で産業目的に使用されています。 水素を使用するという考えは、それが最も豊富な元素であるということです。 よりクリーンでより実現可能な一次エネルギー源へのシフトの必要性が高まっています。 このプロジェクトの主な目的は、バイオゴミをリサイクルし、このリサイクル されたバイオゴミ物を使用して水素燃料を製造することです。 安価な方法で水素を生産することがプロジェクトの2番目の目的です。
研究のことから、主なバイオゴミ物の発生源として使用済みレモンを選択しました。レモンのクエン酸(Citric acid)は非常に優れた試薬として使用できるためです。ジュースセンター、ホテル、住宅から出かけるのレモンバイオゴミ物の量を把握するためにアンケートや調査が実施されました。これにより、どのくらいのクエン酸が生成されるかがわかりました。 これは、H2ガスの生産量の推定にも役立ちました。
1)バイオゴミ物 からのクエン酸の抽出。
4)Downward displacement of water”から水素を集まる。
最終製品の水素ガスは、バイオゴミ物 から生成されました。そして、次の問題は、生産がどれほど経済的かということです。水素は、生産の実現可能性、効率、および経済性の両方をチェックするために、0.5〜6グラムの一定量の亜鉛(トタン)に対して生産されました。一般的な調査によると、それは50-70 RSですが、私たちの方法では、それは約30-35RSの費用がかかります。
H2の生産のために上記のプロセスで従った方法論は、そのバイオゴミ物の回収以来、経済的で環境に優しいものであり、結果によって確認されています。しかし、水素貯蔵が主な問題です。 これは、水素は可燃性であり、発火しやすく、空気よりも軽いため、水素の貯蔵が難しいためです.


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Department of Computer Science, University of Pune. Can communicate in Japanese if spoken to at a slow pace. A bright student. She likes Software development and is currently working on developing a paperless system using NCF chips in a group of 4. The project's currently in its design phase.


A female master’s student in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Cambridge. The research theme is RISC-V Processor Optimization / RISC-V processor optimization. Experienced research and development in an internship.


A talented graduate of metal materials engineering at Chulalongkorn University, the top in Thailand. The theme of my graduation research is about the wear comparison of “burrs” of coffee grinders using SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology. A student who can think in a coherent manner and feels clever. Through the Japanese class of ASIA to JAPAN, he reached the level where he can have an interview in Japanese in a short period of time. English is also high level.


He majored in computer science with a master’s degree from India’s Pune University. The theme of FYP is “Android Nutritionist System”, which is an application development that provides a one-month diet plan from the BMI value by inputting weight and height. He searched for an app to go on a diet, but couldn’t find the right one, so he developed it himself. Can communicate firmly in Japanese. He longs for Japan’s advanced IT technology and to find a job in Japan so that he can self-actualize as an engineer.