Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company

A student who is very fluent in Japanese who has learned structures, fluids, 3D CAD technology, etc. (graduated in April 2021). He has also acquired control knowledge in the development of quad helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft at university clubs. His father has been working for a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, marine products in Oman for 25 years and has great confidence in Japanese companies for products and quality of work. He also has the experience of leaving India and living in Oman.


Visvesvaraya Technological University


I had always wanted to visit Japan for a long time since my father worked for Toyota motors and he too loved and respected Japan. He used to say, “Japanese products may be a little expensive but you can trust their quality forever”. As I grew up, I learned Japanese business etiquette like the lean six sign and 5S techniques which greatly influenced me to be the engineer I am today. Other than that, like many of this generation, I was partly influenced by animes from Doraemon to One piece. My initial goal was to go to Japan as a student and study Japanese while interacting with the natives but due to the Pandemic, it was not possible. After waiting for more than a year I was on the verge of giving up. But my friends with whom I studied Japanese encouraged me to keep studying Japanese and search for jobs. But even then, it was hard to continue. I had applied for so many different companies in Japan that I lost track and most of the job applications were rejected. During this time one of my friends suggested me Apply for ASIA to JAPAN. After applying I immediately got a reply for the first screening interview where I spoke to Kojima-san who explained to me the process and asked me about my preferences and skills. A few months passed by but even during this time I was getting regular updates from ASIA to JAPAN on the Job situation which I was thankful for even though the mail was that there were no companies that were available for me during that time. But one fine day I received a mail saying I have been shortlisted by a company and the interview process would start shortly. All the mails were clear and concise with proper instructions and timelines on how and by when to complete a task. I was also assigned an amazing mentor Nobu-san who helped me at every step of the way. I have no words to express how meticulous and thorough the training was from making the FYP PPT to preparing for the most commonly asked questions. I was able to be fully prepared for the interview. The tricks and techniques by the mentor that greatly helped me were the 3S- Smile, Simple, and Sympathy. I believe this training played a huge role in me being able to clear my first ever interview with a Japanese company. I am ever so grateful to the ASIA to JAPAN team for helping me get my dream job in Japan. I look forward to working in Japan.


そこで、安全性を高めながら、両方の弱点を解消できるドローンを作ることを考えました。 垂直方向と水平方向に着陸でき、固定翼機の耐久性も備えたドローンを作ることを目指しました。
ドローンの最大重量と寸法をエアロフォイルで選択した後、Solidworksを使用してドローンの設計を開始しました。 ドローンはバルサ材とフォームを使用して製造されました。 使用した電子機器は、1400KVBLDCモーターと980KVBLDCモーター、および10インチのプロペラでした.
寒い状況では、ドローンの飛行時間はほぼ14分まで大幅に増加します。 これはおそらくモーターの冷却が原因です。 したがって、モーターマウントにヒートシンクを取り付けることで、ドローンの飛行時間をさらに長くすることができます。


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An IT major student from India. She’s studying software development and application development at university and is good at Python and C++. In the graduation project, the team is working on the creation of an “online community web app” and is in charge of the back-end role. She has an attitude of actively acquiring knowledge, such as experiencing an internship at a company that develops AR services.


A female student from Savitribai Phule Pune University majoring in computer science. The research theme is the development of a Japanese learning web application using OCR. Working on implementing a rule-based chatbot. One with strong intellectual curiosity.


Born in Japan, she was in Taiwan until university, but now is a master’s student majoring in Chinese-Japanese interpreting at Peking University. Being born in Japan, she was thinking of working in Japan from the moment she realized it.


Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The graduation project is a “semi-automatic cam contour tester”, and is interested in a wide range of fields such as automation, 3D design, robotics, and IT technology. After graduating from university, he achieved high grades in the design competition of Dassault Systèmes, and is currently working on product development for clients using Ruby as an intern at ASIA to JAPAN. Faithful and gentle personality.