Japanese material-handling equipment company

Bachelor’s degree student in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He developed a web application while studying Japanese in an internship program at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology. Although it was a program with strict achievement conditions, he has achieved the program to the end with a personality that allows me to make serious efforts.



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Electronics and Telecommunication


First and foremost, I am really thankful and honored for the opportunity to write about my success story. A few months back I am just like you, reading the success stories of others on the website and it greatly inspires me to join this program by ASIA to JAPAN. Before I start, I would like to highlight that this is not “my success story” but “our success story”.

I have always admired Japan and dreamed of someday living and working in Japan since my childhood. This is because I grew up with Japanese artworks such as anime, video games, and tokusatsu shows. Although these media tend to have some negative impressions associated with them, I strongly believe these works can greatly have a positive impact on our lives. I learned a lot about life and the world from these mediums and I am greatly inspired by Japan. Personally, I believe these artworks have greatly stimulated my thinking and supported my growth as an individual.

I have set goals to visit Japan through education but unfortunately, I did not have what it takes for national scholarship program during my high school and university days, however, I never gave up on my dream no matter how many times I fall, I rise back up learning from my past mistakes and continue to improve myself to one day achieve my dream. Life can be hard, but effort won’t betray you.

After years of struggle, I have a fateful encounter with ASIA to JAPAN thanks to a suggestion from a friend that shares similar interests and ambitions with me. ASIA to JAPAN is an amazing company that works miracles. I think I will skip through most of the application processes because it was quite straightforward. Just follow the instructions provided by the friendly and helpful ASIA to JAPAN personnel and you will be fine. ASIA to JAPAN will literally assist you with everything throughout the process such as providing you with a mentor, preparing mock interview sessions for you, and so on. I believe the support from ASIA to JAPAN is perfect and it’s almost too good to be true.

FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) is truly amazing, all the things written on the website are not false advertising. In my case, I received a few interview offers a few days after the submission of the documents required for the next step (Essay, Final year research, etc). This means a lot to me because although the instruction was simple, preparing the required documents proved to be a huge challenge especially since I am working with my university works and preparation for JLPT simultaneously at the moment. The swift email (Information regarding interview offer) from ASIA to JAPAN greatly boost my morales and provided me with the strength to work harder. The result of the interview was also announced a few hours after the interviews. This is also extremely helpful as I believe everyone will be curious and worried about the result of our interviews. It was so amazing that it was almost unbelievable.

A few things that I would like to highlight to future applicants are that kindly make your decisions carefully, be motivated, do your best and never give up. ASIA to JAPAN will work to support your choices but the final decision is yours to make.

Before I end this writing, I would like to once again express my utmost gratitude to ASIA to JAPAN especially to Miss Aoji and Mr. Suzuki my mentor for all their support throughout the process. Not to forget my friends, teachers, family members and the people from the company that hired me. I really can’t thank them enough, but I will make sure to do my best to live up to everyone’s expectations. This success is definitely impossible without everyone’s support. As such I believe this success is not mine alone, but it was ours.

For all future applicants that share similar dreams and ambitions with me, I wish you all the best and always remember to never give up and do your best. I am rooting for you and look forward to everyone’s success stories. 頑張れ!!


研究テーマ名:光検出と測距「LIDAR」の拡張現実 「AR」 への応用


最初のモジュールを修了し、正式なインターンシッププログラムに進みました。モジュール2は今年の7月から10月までの約3ヶ月間にわたって行われました。モジュール2では、ベトナム人のトレーナーと日本人の先生から、それぞれウェブ・アプリケーションの開発「IT・トレーニング」と日本語能力の授業を受けました。また、月に1~2回程度、就職活動に特化した授業が行われました。日本語クラスは、マレーシア時間でおよそ9時45分から11時45分まで、IT・トレーニングは同じくマレーシア時間でおよそ13時45分から18時まで、平日毎日行われました。コロナ・ウィルスの影響のため、プログラム全体は、「Zoom Meeting」や「Github」などの様々なプラットフォームを通じてオンラインで行われました。


このクラスでは、その名の通り、特に日本や日本企業での就職活動に焦点を当てた活動や戦略を学びます。日本企業が求める資質や、自己分析のコツ、就職に有利な自己PRの方法などを学びます。また、日本企業のウェブサイトから適切な情報を抽出し、企業とのマッチングを行う方法についても学びました。また、ビデオ履歴書を作成したり、模擬面接を行ったりして、実際の就職活動の状況を再現しました。「ウェブ・アプリケーション」開発 ・ IT トレーニングWebアプリケーション開発やITトレーニングでは、アプリケーション開発の最終プロジェクトに進む前に、MySQL、Ruby、GIT、Railsなどのコースを受講する必要があります。各コースを進めるためには、それぞれのトピックについて学び、次のトピックに進む前に各トピックのテストで約83%の点数を取る必要があります。プロジェクトを進める前までのすべてのコースは、Ruby on Railsを使った「授業登録システム」のウェブ・アプリケーション開発というプロジェクトを完成させるために必要不可欠でした。最終的なプロジェクトは、3人のチームによって開発されます。しかし、インターンシップ・プログラム全体の約16人の参加者のうち、トレーナーが設定した基準に沿ってプロジェクトを完全に完成させることができたのは自分のチームを含め、3チーム(9人)だけでした。



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