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A student studying object detection technology in the information system at a private high school in Malaysia. His graduation research is the construction of a juggling pattern recognition system using machine learning. As an intern as an AI engineer, he was responsible for implementing deep learning techniques in computer vision tasks. The impression is that he has a bright personality and works positively on everything.

What the company thought:First of all, his smooth Japanese and cheerful personality were highly valued. His university major and FYP theme were also directly related to the department to which he was expected to be assigned, so he got the job.



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During my university time, I came across a free Japanese lesson provided by the university. After the lesson, I found myself deeply interested in learning Japanese so that was the time I started my Japanese learning journey. I enrolled in a Japanese language course to further develop my Japanese skill and hoping to work and stay in Japan in the future! After my 4 years of study at university, I started my job hunting process. It was a hard time for the job hunting process mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic where I spent most of my time applying for jobs online and get declined in the end.

Fortunately, I came across the study go work japan program at FAST OFFER International and decided to give it a try for the opportunity. I started by applying to the program and preparing the required document. Once I passed the screening process, I have gone through my first interview with the FAST OFFER International staff. During the interview, the staff was very friendly and easy to talk with even though I was not good enough to talk fluently in Japanese. The interview aims to check my Japanese speaking skill, my research topic and content (Final-Year-Project), and so forth. After I passed the interview, I have to prepare a PR video that will be sent and viewed by companies. Fortunately, I got selected by the company where I can proceed to the next round, interview!

Preparation for interviews is relatively important. Luckily, I was provided with some sample questions from FAST OFFER International which will most likely to be asked in the interview. This helps me to boost my confidence and get enough time to make research about the company hence being able to communicate and convey my opinion correctly. Furthermore, there will be a chance where companies required you to finish some sort of test (technical or aptitude) beforehand. FAST OFFER International also provided a free mentor session where it offers rehearsal and assistance to help me to achieve good results in the interview! During the mentor session, I got my chance to discuss the interview questions/answers with a mentor and he also provided very useful information to aid in the Japanese interview process. I was lucky enough to pass the interview and get an employment offer from a major auto parts manufacturing company. After a comprehend job offer meeting where it explains my working content and information, I decided to accept the offer and will start working from April 2023.

I am still studying Japanese currently and decided to go for JLPT N1 as well as improve my Japanese speaking skill. I really appreciate the effort and chance from FAST OFFER International which helps me to land my first job in Japan! I am really looking forward to starting my life in Japan by myself. Lastly, thank you to everyone in FAST OFFER International for such an opportunity!










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