How to do Company Research

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How to do company research? 

Before applying to a company or attending an interview, it is essential to conduct a thorough research about that company. However, many people are unsure about where and how to gather information about a company. Therefore, in this instance, we will introduce the methods for conducting company research. 


Things to Check


Company Website

The information given on a website is the information that a company wants the public to know the most, so the first step in understanding a company is to check its website. So, what should you check on a website? Fundamentally, there are four basic things to look for. 


Message from the President

It contains the wishes of the owners, the reasons for starting the business, and the company’s philosophy. 



The services and products offered by the company are described.  


MVV of the company 

MVV stands for Mission, Vision, and Values.  

Mission: the company’s mission and what it was established to achieve.  

Vision: what the company aims to achieve, the company’s vision for the future.  

Value: the values and evaluation criteria that the company holds in high regard. 


Careers Page

contains information on recruitment, including available positions, interviews with current employees, and other information.  


Interviews with the CEO and CTO  

Apart from company pages, the best place to find out the latest information about a company is in articles about the key people in the company. Once you know the representative or CTO of the company you are interested in, check them out online.  

If it is an interview with the CEO, you can learn about the company’s future direction and expansion plans. If it is an interview with the CTO, you can find out information such as the company’s approach to technology implementation and the characteristics they look for in engineers. In addition, some key people may run social networking sites, so you can understand even more about the latest information and trends in the company.   


Research on other companies in the same industry

To get to know a company, you need to know not only the company itself but also briefly its industry.  

This will help you to understand the position of the company you are applying to in the industry and its strengths, which will help you to create your own personal statement. 


Information to be collected and the ways to use it


Ideal candidate profile and job applications  

Read the company’s overall ideal candidate profile on the recruitment page and look for areas where you fit in. Common examples include teamwork, initiative, and a willingness to take on challenges. These are good things to show in an interview.  



Mission, Vision, and Value are all important to a company, so companies want to hire people who can work together to achieve their goals while adhering to them. Therefore, you need to think about what part of the company’s MVV you sympathize with, and then you need to persuade the interviewer with specific reasons and your episodes. Furthermore, it is also good to think not only about empathy but also about how you can contribute to the realization of that MVV if you join that company.  


Services and products  

Companies offer a wide range of products and services, which you should be aware of and consider what you are interested in and would like to be involved in if you join the company.  


Strengths of the company in the industry 

When thinking about your motivation, you need to have a strong reason as to why you want to work for this company and not another. This is where you can compare the company with other companies in the same industry. You can find out what features and strengths the company you are interested in has compared to other companies and make your motivation even more concrete. 



Above was the introduction to the methods of conducting company research. I hope this information will be helpful for everyone’s job hunting in Japan. 

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