How to write a Japanese Resume

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When starting job hunting in Japan, there are two essential documents that you must prepare: the “履歴書” (rirekisho) and the “職務経歴書” (shokumu keirekisho). 

The “履歴書” is the Japanese version of a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), but it follows a slightly different format from English CVs or resumes. To avoid confusion, let me guide you through the process of creating a Japanese-style “履歴書.” 


Why is having a “Resume” necessary? 

  • To quickly review the candidates’ backgrounds at a glance.
  • To understand their gaps in employment history and educational background in order to organize the necessary information for background checks and residency permit applications.
  • Human resources departments often keep them as personnel records.


How to write a Japanese resume


Write your full name as it appears on your passport. 


Furigana (Write in either katakana or hiragana) 

Furigana: Write in hiragana 

Furigana for name: Write in katakana 



Attach a frontal photo of your face. 



Leave the applicable option (Male or Female). 

If none of the options apply or you prefer not to answer, delete both. 


Phone Number 

Include the country code followed by your phone number (e.g., +XX XXXX XXXX). 


Email Address 

Provide a contactable email address. 



Include as much address information as possible. In the case of overseas addresses, include the town name and post code. 



Start with the oldest and list them in chronological order. 


20XX – XX Japan University, Japanese Language Department, Enrollment 


20XX – XX Japan University, Japanese Language Department, Graduation 


Employment History 

List in chronological order, starting with the oldest. Separate the Employment and Resignation dates. 


20XX – XX Japan Corporation, Employment 


20XX – XX Japan Corporation, Resignation 


No need to provide detailed job descriptions. 

Write the company name in its official form, including “株式会社” or “Ltd., Co.”. 

Specify if it was an internship or part-time job. 


20XX – XX Japan Corporation, Employment (Part-time) 


20XX – XX Japan Corporation, Resignation (Part-time) 



List in chronological order, starting with the oldest. 

Provide the accurate name of the qualification. 


20XX – XX JLPT N2 Certification 


Self-Promotion (PR) 

Write a concise description of your work experience, studies, etc. 

Keep each sentence within 30 characters if possible. 

It’s also good to mention what you want to learn and how you want to advance your career. 



For individuals recognized as spouses in Japan. 



Indicate the number of people who depend on the applicant’s salary for their livelihood. 

This can include dependents living overseas, but proof of financial support may be required. 


Commute Time 

If residing in Japan, indicate the approximate commuting time from your current residence to the potential workplace. 

Not necessary if living overseas. 



Include reasons for your application and any information that needs to be conveyed to the company due to religious reasons, etc. 

Example: I perform prayer five times a day. I would appreciate having approximately 20 minutes for prayer during working hours. 

It would be desirable to have the option of remote work twice a week due to having children. 


That’s all the explanation on how to create a Japanese resume. Let’s give it a try while using this as a reference. 

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Next, we will introduce how to create a “職務経歴書” (shokumu keirekisho). Stay tuned for more information and enjoy!