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How I became interested in Japan I developed a strong interest in Japan, particularly its technology, people, and culture. Being a computer science major, I have had a long-standing fascination with Japanese advanced technology. The IT industry, in particular, holds great appeal to me due to the abundance of job opportunities it offers.  Moreover, my […]

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A chance encounter with ASIA to JAPAN through a programming competition.  Since my last year of high school, I participated in several programming competitions. It’s similar to math competitions, but participants are required to implement solutions by coding. I like this type of competition because I find solving many problems at a fast pace interesting. […]

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How I Developed an Interest in Japan   Initially, my fascination with Japan stemmed from my love for nature photography and my enjoyment of Japanese dramas and anime. These experiences sparked my interest in Japan.     In my second year of university, the Japanese teacher of the “Hirameki Classes” at Pune University organized an orientation for […]

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What brought me to Japan?   Since my family was a big fan of Japanese animation, I grew up watching anime every Sunday at home. It took only a short time before I got strongly interested in Japanese culture.     After I entered Mahidol University, I found various international programs, such as exchange programs with partner […]