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Studying electrical engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. An all-rounder student who, in addition to her specialist knowledge, has studied and gained practical experience in artificial intelligence, robotics and software development, and tries to have a wide range of fields in which she can work. She is particularly interested in software development and is working on a project for biometric person recognition using deep learning in her graduation research.

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Encountering FAST OFFER 

Just like many other students, I became interested in Japanese culture and life, through anime. I was fascinated when I saw beautiful scenes of Japan on TV. As a student, I always had a good image of Japan, so when I entered a university, I decided to try learning Japanese and started taking Japanese language classes. 

My initial motivation for learning Japanese was just the idea that I could make use of it by working for a Japanese company in Malaysia or being able to communicate with natives or others in a different language, but I never thought that I would have the chance to travel and find a job in Japan. In fact, there is a collaboration between my university and ASIA to JAPAN. The CEO of ASIA to JAPAN has also stopped by the university and introduced FAST OFFER to Malaysian students face-to-face. Therefore, the teacher in charge of the program is also very familiar with FAST OFFER. One day, the teacher told me about FAST OFFER in class, and when I heard keywords such as “overseas students can also apply” and “working in Japan,” I became interested and registered. 


Invitation to Japan: Interview Event 

The most exciting part of my job search with FAST OFFER was participating in a ” Face-to-Face Interview Event” and receiving an offer. In June 2023, I was selected by four companies to interview with them, so I decided to go to Japan for interview sessions. That was my first trip to Japan, so I was full of expectation and nervousness. 

Unlike the interviews in Malaysia, the interviews I attended at FAST OFFER are conducted almost entirely in Japanese, so the biggest obstacle was the language. I am not a beginner in Japanese, but neither am I a fluent speaker, so I was honestly very worried about whether I could communicate well in Japanese. Therefore, when I was not confident in explaining in Japanese only, I tried my best to convey my message by using a little bit of English. 

On the first day of the interview session, there were four companies, and I think I was able to talk calmly with the company that participated in the middle of the session. I was indeed nervous at first, but once I got used to the atmosphere, it felt much easier and exciting. Especially when the interviewer nodded or looked me firmly in the eye, I felt a great sense of accomplishment that I had “done it” and had been able to “convey my thoughts properly.” On the first day, most of the questions were asked to me, but on the second day, they often asked me to ask questions. The practice with the FAST OFFER mentors was an immense help. 


Preparation for the interview and difficulties 

Looking back on my job search with FAST OFFER, the most difficult part is still the interviews. I was selected for a few online interview sessions, but I still failed due to lack of preparation. However, I learned a lot from this failed experience, such as how to interview in Japanese and how to prepare myself for the interview. I also found a direction for my interview preparation. After that, I read books and references related to interviewing, and I also participated in online Japanese classes and mentor sessions hosted by FAST OFFER. 

I prepared for the following steps. 

1)Learn how to speak and what to say at the interview in the online Japanese classes. 

2)Write answers to frequently asked questions on FAST OFFER’s “My Page” and think about what else I might be asked. 

3)Have a mentor check your answers and practice repeatedly. 

The guidance from my Japanese class teacher and mentor was indispensable for me to get the current job offer. When practicing by myself, it is easy to get lost, but with the help of my teacher and mentor, I was able to efficiently prepare for the interview. I would like to express my gratitude to my teachers and mentors. 


Goals and Message

At my current job offer, my position will be related to robotics. I don’t have a concrete image of working yet, but I am looking forward to it. 

I will do my best to get used to the language and climate in Japan. (This is because it is only summer in Malaysia, so there must be many differences in lifestyle.) 

From the registration to the interview, I have done a lot of things online, but the whole process is clear and easy to understand, and the people at FAST OFFER have always had my back and I really appreciate it. 

I encourage everyone who wants to find a job in Japan to take advantage of FAST OFFER. If you go in the right direction and work hard, I am sure you will be rewarded. 

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