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「Study Go Work JAPAN」gets a makeover and welcomes「FAST OFFER」!

Introducing FAST OFFER International

Application is free and there are zero hidden costs.

We recognize the remarkable technical skills of students from overseas. In our many years of experience, we have seen many students who were deterred by the cost and the lack of support, and gave up looking for their desired job. At FAST OFFER International, we want to transform the way students look for jobs.

This program, formerly the Study Go Work JAPAN Program, has changed its name from 1st of April 2022 to accommodate more people with varying needs. We hope to be able to eventually help talents from all backgrounds at different stages of academic level achievement find their career in Japan.



Japan has a more rigid and extensive recruitment process compared to other countries. The process of looking for companies, writing your resume by hand and sending them in, studying about the companies, and actually going to interviews can be daunting for many, especially for those applying from overseas.

At FAST OFFER International, there is no need to have a comprehensive understanding of the overall process as our specialized consultants will be there to guide you and recommend you to companies for free. Saving yourself a lot of time and effort in the process.



Unlike other employment support programs, FAST OFFER International has its own process in introducing students to Japanese companies. We have our in-house matching system that alerts both candidates and companies whether a match has been made. If both parties are interested, interviews can be scheduled.

Our program also offers various interview preparation steps, from interview orientation with mock interviews, and even 1-on-1 mentoring sessions if deemed necessary.

We do our best to find ways in helping you ace your interviews, at absolutely 0 cost.



Those who received a job offer will need to worry about what needs to be done to be able to come to Japan. 

FAST OFFER International, along with your future employer, can help you prepare for new life chapter in Japan. From securing visas, finding you a place to live, to fetching you from the airport. We want to see you get settled in Japan worry-free.

Why apply for the program?







From start to finish. We, at ASIA to JAPAN, provide holistic support to all candidates from getting them matched for interviews all the way to when they start showing results in their respective companies. We are them every step of the way.


Step 1. Apply Online

Apply through our website and build your profile. 

Step 2. Online Screening

We will screen through candidates who have the characteristics that companies are looking for. The length of this process varies from person to person, and results are announced via email.

Step 3. Company Selection

Those who pass the online screening are invited to a 30-minute one-on-one online consulting session.
This is where we try to get to know you better and ask about what kind of job you are looking for, where in Japan you want to work, what kind of industry you are interested in, etc. to make sure that you get matched with companies that would interest you.

We then recommend you to various companies to help you stand out from the rest of the participants that may not be interested. The companies look through the list of the candidates for that round and choose the candidates they would like to interview.

Step 4. Pre-Interview Process

If you get selected for interviews, we contact you and help you prepare for the interviews in advance. We have an orientation where you can either have a mock interview, company and job explanation, depending on what you need.

If you require more help, we may also schedule a one-on-one mentor session with one of the veterans in the industry we are partnered with to help you prepare better for the interviews by providing you insight on how to answer certain questions, or helping you practice your Final Year Project presentation in Japanese.

All these are extra steps we take for you to improve your chances of getting a job offer.

Step 4. Interviews

You get to be interviewed, and the number of rounds depend on the needs of the company/ies interviewing you.  If all goes well, you get offered a job offer!


We want you if you fit all of the following requirements:

  • You are currently studying or studied Engineering or IT in university (Civil Engineering and Architecture not included)
  • You are under 26 years old
  • You have JLPT N4 or its equivalent

We want you if you fit all of the following requirements:

  • You are currently studying or studied arts or humanities in university (Civil Engineering and Architecture not included)
  • You are under 26 years old
  • You have JLPT N2 or its equivalent

We want you if you fit all of the following requirements:

  • You are have some work experience as an IT engineer
  • You are under 30 years old
  • You have JLPT N3 or its equivalent

Read About Successful Candidates


Specializes in mechanical engineering and mechatronics at the University of Pune, India. In his graduation research, under the title of “Design and Development of Automatic Cookers,” he is developing a cooker that allows people who cannot cook or who do not have time to cook delicious food in a short time. All one has to do is provide the necessary ingredients and quantity required for the selected dish and heat it with an induction cooker. He has four members and is in charge of hardware design. He is interested in Japan because he learned about Japan’s high technical capabilities, Japanese way of thinking about work, work environment, etc. from his uncle who has worked in Japan for 8 years using CATIA and SOLIDWORKS in 3D-CAD. He wishes to improve his skills by working in Japan, which has high technical skills.


A student of mechanical engineering at the University of Pune, he is currently conducting research on car chassis. In addition, he is taking on the challenge of learning IT in the wake of restrictions on machine-related internships at Corona, and he can devise ways to overcome adversity even in difficult situations. The Go NIHON app, which I developed myself, allows me to search for tourist spots in Japan, and I created it by myself from the front to the back. Human resources with knowledge of both IT and machinery.


Indian majoring in computer science. The graduation project is the development of EC site using MERN (MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) stack, Redux and AWS. Created all by himself from the front to the back, and the degree of completion is high (with Github). After graduating from the University of Delhi, he is aiming to get a job in Japan, but due to the influence of Corona, he is currently working as a contract employee at an Indonesian company as a full stack engineer. A bright expression and sufficient Japanese ability. Since he has experience, he is expected to play an active role in Japanese companies.


Experienced studying abroad at Hokkaido University in Computer Science major at Dalian University of Technology. Currently working on the design of computational accelerators in FPGAs, he also has experience in hardware design. In the future, he says to be considering graduation research on the theme of implementing an indoor guidance system using AR and computer vision.