Successful Candidates from Indonesia

Read about our candidates’ FAST OFFER International journey and get a better idea how they succeeded in finding a job in Japan!

A female student majoring in Computer Science at Bandung Institute of Technology, a prestigious Indonesian science and engineering school. For her graduation research, she worked on developing a model to automatically detect sexist content in SNS posts by using the natural language processing model RoBERTa and data augmentation, aiming to create a safe and secure user environment for women. She has over a year of internship experience in web development. She empathizes with the Japanese work culture, including compliance with rules, and is highly motivated to work in Japan.

Majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia, for his graduation research, he worked on a project to improve the odor of the Jakarta River water. He was in charge of the design and product manager of a compact water treatment system that generates microbubbles. As an intern, he experienced production and maintenance at a plywood manufacturing industry company, and is an enthusiastic participant in the Japanese language classes offered by ASIA to JAPAN.

She majored in Information Science at the University of Brawijaya, Indonesia. She speaks very fluent Japanese, having lived in Kochi City, and has JLPT N1. She has expertise in front-end development and machine learning and is a certified TensorFlow Developer and a machine learning instructor at Bangkit Academy, a collaborative project with Google Inc.

He is a passionate software engineer with a little bit of a perfectionistic attitude. He has been interested in computers and programming since high school and hence chose computer science as his major. He is also experienced as an intern as a Data Analyst and Software Engineer.

Studying Electronics Engineering at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, he has extensive design experience, having built a prototype of a Kaplan water wheel for his graduation project and worked on PCB design for a robotics team. He is currently working for an Indonesian manufacturing company, where he is in charge of managing PCB assembly projects. He is a calm and cheerful person who always maintains a soft atmosphere and is eager to study Japanese in order to find a job in Japan.

He graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with Computer Science major. He has participated in various competitions including META Hacker. With exceptionally high skills in creating algorithms and working in the backend, he achieved the rare feat of scoring almost full marks in both the AI and Algorithm challenge of CODE to JAPAN 2023.

He is a student at the Faculty of Information Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology, and a student of the FAST OFFER Japanese language program. For his graduation research, he is working on a project to find a new gravitational lens using machine learning in the space field; he scored Algorithm: 100 and AI: 83 in the AtoJ coding test; he started studying Japanese in September 2021 and has a fast growth rate and is a highly curious, growth-minded, and committed person.

Majored in management engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. In his final thesis, he studies the analysis of business processes in a solar energy company. Using QMS and Gap Analysis, we contribute to enhancing the superiority of the company by collecting data, conducting interviews, and analyzing. He also has IT skills in SOLIDWORKS and Python. Interview in Japanese is possible. He is currently taking UI/UX courses and has a strong sense of curiosity.

Majored in computer engineering at the University of Indonesia. In the final research, he developed a smoking detection system based on the MobileNetV3 algorithm using Python. Took a break from school and worked as a web programmer to set up an Indonesian legal database. He also has IT skills such as MySQL, HTML, PHP, Java, etc., and is able to conduct interviews in Japanese.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia's top science school. Worked at a manufacturing company for about 3 years, including 1 year in Japan. His research theme in university is to create weld fracture evaluation using finite element analysis and standard hand calculation AWS D1.1. He has also participated in numerous design competitions and won first prize.

Majored in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia. As a research theme, he's working on creating an augmented reality application that simulates a robot arm. He is a student with a strong interest in learning and communication skills, such as participating in internships in design and manufacturing as an engineer and continuously participating in Japanese classes at ASIA to JAPAN.

Majored in space engineering in the master's program at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. In his graduation research, he studied engineering simulation that can apply machine learning to problems of aerodynamics and fluid mechanics at higher speed and lower cost. During the internship, he has experience in designing hydraulic systems for hydroelectric generators at the HYDAC Group. When he was a student, he participated in "Aksantara", which studies drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, served as the general leader of six sub-teams, and won multiple tournaments.

A student majoring in electrical engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, the highest level of science and engineering in Indonesia. In the graduation project, the team is working on the development of the GPS tracking system and is mainly in charge of the system. He is interested in a wide range of technology fields such as IoT, digital signal processing, circuit design, and VR. A bright and positive personality.

A student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia, the top Indonesian university. In the graduation project, he conducted research on how changes in the position of the center of gravity affect the stability of automobiles and electric vehicles by repeating simulations using MATLAB. Interested in the manufacture and maintenance of automobiles and machinery. A serious and sincere student.

A student of Computer Science at the University of Indonesia. Learn Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Web Services. A student who is also studying Data Structure and Algorithms and is training to think analytically. He’s also interested in AI, so if he has the expected potential, I would recommend him to be hired. He is currently studying Japanese and it is expected that he will reach a level where he can communicate, by the time he joins the company. A calm-natured person.

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