From Classroom to Career: Mastering Japanese for a Tech Job in Japan


Drawn to Japan’s fusion of rich culture and cutting-edge technology, an Indonesian computer science major, reignited his journey into the Japanese language during university. This decision, fueled by encounters with a senior and an inspiring YouTuber’s story, paved his path toward a career in Japan, focusing on machine learning. Balancing studies with language lessons, he found community and support online, gradually mastering the language. The turning point came when he registered with FAST OFFER, diving into intense preparation for an upcoming interview. His hard work was rewarded with a job offer, marking a significant milestone celebrated by both family and FAST OFFER staff.  

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Igniting a Passion for Japan: From Language to Career 

My fascination with Japan began during high school, sparked by a friend deeply engrossed in studying Japanese. Intrigued, I embarked on my own Japanese language journey, although it was short-lived, and I eventually abandoned it. However, my interest was reignited in university when I met a senior student who had worked in Japan. Their stories of Japan’s rich culture and advanced technology captured my imagination. As a computer science major, I was especially drawn to the technological advancements in Japan and decided to pursue opportunities there to expand my knowledge and skills in the field. 

During university, I juggled my studies with attending a Japanese language school twice a week. Initially challenging, I persevered with the help of an online Japanese language learning community, gradually improving my proficiency. 


Securing the Dream: Preparing for a Tech Job Interview in Japan 

With my sights set on a career in Japan, I stumbled upon a YouTuber’s success story about securing a job through FAST OFFER. Intrigued, I registered and applied to a company specializing in machine learning. To prepare for the interview, I sought guidance from FAST OFFER team members and my teacher, practicing diligently using a prepared list of sample questions. This rigorous preparation paid off, and I received a job offer, eliciting immense joy and support from my family and the FAST OFFER staff. 


Beyond the Offer: Embracing Japan’s Tech and Culture 

As I prepare to join the company, my immediate goal is to further improve my Japanese language skills to confidently communicate in both daily and professional settings. I plan to focus on learning expressions and phrases essential for business interactions. Additionally, since I anticipate living in a rural setting, obtaining a driver’s license is crucial. I intend to begin preparations for the driver’s license exam and deepen my understanding of rural Japanese culture and lifestyle. 

Moreover, I aim to familiarize myself with the company and its industry before my start date. By increasing interactions with senior employees and industry experts, I hope to gain insights into industry trends and new technologies. These efforts will ensure I am well-prepared to contribute effectively upon joining the company, enhancing my adaptability and contributing to both personal and company growth. 


The Key to Success: Aligning Dreams with Dedication in Japan 

Researching the company thoroughly before an interview is crucial. Understanding the company’s core values, business model, and industry landscape will enable you to articulate your aspirations and values confidently, leading to a successful outcome. I personally benefitted from a thorough research, which allowed me to ask insightful questions during my interview and ultimately secure a job offer. I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams with dedication, as hard work and preparation will always yield positive results. Keep pushing forward! 

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