From Automotive Passion to Japanese Dream: An Indian Student’s Journey Through Language and Culture


A mechanical engineering major with an interest in all aspects of the manufacturing industry, including the Japanese automobile industry. In addition to developing a device that allows a car to make a U-turn on the spot, he has built a water pump from scratch in the past. He likes to create good products through trial and error, and the more difficult a problem is, the more positive he is about it.

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Development, manufacturing and sales of fine glass, electronic components and multilayer filters

Fueling My Passion: From Automotive Technology to Dreaming of Japan

 My journey to Japan began with a fascination for companies such as Mazda and Nissan’s automotive technology due to their profound involvement in Japan’s advanced automotive sector. Over time, my fascination with Japan itself grew, and I began to aspire to live and work there. I first learned about the FAST OFFER International in a Japanese language class at university. Despite encountering difficulties in learning kanji as part of my Japanese studies at first, I remained committed to improving my language skills through continued effort. I didn’t know it then, but this opportunity ultimately led to an interview opportunity with a company. 


Overcoming Challenges: Securing a Job Offer in Japan

 I traveled to Japan for interviews in December. While there was certainly joy at the prospect of this opportunity, it was also accompanied by feelings of anxiety. Upon arriving in Japan, I experienced the cold weather for the first time. I was taken aback by the stark contrast in weather compared to India. Particularly during my visit to Shizuoka for an interview with a company. 

 Securing a job in Japan presented its own set of challenges, but the incredible outcome of receiving a job offer filled me with genuine happiness. My dream had finally become a reality! The happiness I felt upon receiving a job offer from my top choice company was immeasurable, and it brought great joy not only to myself but also to my family in India. Although I still have approximately a year before officially joining the company, I am determined to make the most of this time by enhancing my Japanese conversational skills and acquiring new abilities. 


Looking Ahead: A New Adventure in Japan Begins

 Embarking on a new challenge, I look forward to my future endeavors in Japan. One thing I wish to experience is the breathtaking beauty of Mt. Fuji, which I had the privilege of glimpsing from inside the Shinkansen during my time in Shizuoka. Given the opportunity, I would love to climb Mt. Fuji. Additionally, I have a strong desire to explore various regions of Japan, such as Hiroshima and the Kansai region. As a vegetarian, I acknowledge the dietary restrictions I may encounter with Japanese cuisine, but I am prepared to address them by preparing my own bento for work. I eagerly anticipate the enriching experiences and good times that await me in Japan starting from next year. 

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