Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the program and the process.
If you have other questions you would like to know about, you may get in touch with us by sending your query to us here.

About the Requirements

What are the positions available?

Mainly IT Engineers, Electric / Electronics Engineers, Digital Consultants, Product Design, Machine Design, Electrical Design, System Development, Cloud Design, Web System, Mobile App, IT Consulting, UI/UX, Data Analysis, Front End Engineer, Backend Engineer, Product Evaluation and Development, Supply Chain and Business Administration

Do I need to speak Japanese to apply?

For IT and Engineering students, You need to be minimum equivalent to JLPT N4 before the interview, this will ensure you can adequately appeal yourself in the interviews. For Business and Art students, You need to be minimum equivalent to JLPT N2 before the interview. 
Although there are companies which function in English, in any job position, it would be expected to communicate, to some extent with your colleagues and clients in Japanese.

Can I apply after graduation?

Yes, as long as you are within 3 years after your graduation, it will still be considered as fresh-graduate entrance.


Do you already have work experience? Apply here for the mid-career program!

Can applicants more than 26 years old apply?

You are welcome to try! We have had applicants who were pushing 30 but still got chosen. If you have the skills to show, you are very welcome to join. 



Do you already have work experience? Apply here for the mid-career program!

Who can participate in FAST OFFER's Japanese lesson?

Students who major in IT/Engineering/Science (T&C applied), are in the preliminary & final year of their studies. 

I do not plan to learn Japanese, am I still qualified?

There are several roles in IT that do not require proficiency in Japanese, however, your skills should be relatively high. Nevertheless, it is better to have your Japanese language polished to advance your career in Japan.

I am being notified that I didn't meet the requirements to proceed further. Why?

There are various reasons:

  1. Your studies / Major: Unfortunately we do not cover all industries. If you are not within our main coverage, we are unable to help you.
  2. Japanese: You are competing with top talents around the world, If your Japanese level is not within our minimum requirement, we are not able to proceed further with you. You might want to spend some time getting your Japanese ready to improve your chances of being selected.
  3. Minimum Requirements: Due to visa application constraints, we only accept candidates who are graduating/graduated with a bachelor’s and/or above. A diploma and other certificates cannot be considered.

About the Process...

When should I apply?

You can apply for the program every month. Since Japanese recruitment activities are very seasonal, we would recommend applying ideally a year before your graduation.

Will the interviews be conducted in English or Japanese?

Usually Japanese. But the interviewers know you are not native Japanese, so you can talk slower, and even include a portion of English if you need it.

What is the benefit of applying through FAST OFFER?
  1. You will be matched to companies that are suitable to you professionally.
  2. Our career consultants and mentors will not only guide you in your career path, but they will also help you to prepare for the interviews.
  3. Our support extends even after you land a job offer- visa support, onboarding, looking for an apartment, visiting the ward office, etc.

    *Onboarding support depends upon the contract with the company the candidate has received a job offer from.

How should I get a work visa in Japan?

Once you have received an offer from the company,  your visa will be sponsored and the company will be executing most of the processes. You will be guided regarding the visa procedures and documentation and briefed before you enter the company.

Is there any cost involved?

FAST OFFER is a program that is free for all candidates. We recognize the remarkable technical skills of students from overseas. In our many years of experience, we have seen many students who were deterred by the cost and the lack of support and gave up looking for their desired job. At FAST OFFER, we want to transform the way students look for jobs. There is no hidden cost. Participating companies sponsor all the operational costs.

Can I choose a company to interview?

What you want might not be what is good for you. We match you with the companies suitable for you based on both requirements and background. Explore more and find out if it is a good match!

Will you be providing Interview guidance?

Yes, we will provide interview guidance, orientation, and necessary manual to help you prepare better for the interviews. Our career guidance experts and mentors also hold mock interview sessions so that you get enough practice before the final interviews. 

Will the interviews be virtual or face-to-face?

FAST OFFER program holds monthly online interviews. Hence, you do not have to adjust your busy university/work schedule just for the interviews every month.

Every 3 months, candidates have a chance to travel to Japan, especially for interviews if they are selected by 3 or more companies. The travel and accommodation in Japan are fully sponsored by FAST OFFER, hence you do not have to worry about the costs!

Can you tell me in which all month(s) does FAST OFFER International conducts the process?

Virtual (online) interviews are held every month.

Every 3 months, candidates have a chance to travel to Japan for face-to-face interviews. The face-to-face interviews and online interviews are also held simultaneously. 

Do I get any confirmation mail after applying?

Yes, our main communication is through emails. Please check your junk/spam mailbox. For more clarifications, please contact: [email protected]

When is the best season to join?

Open job positions highly depend on the companies that join each month. Because of that, our program accepts applications on a rolling basis. If the applicant’s profile matches the needs of the companies participating in the particular month, it maximizes the number of companies they can get exposed to.

Do I really need to submit a self-introduction video?

Yes, you are competing with top talents around the world. In order for you to stand out, a good video will make a difference. Please follow our manual to ensure your impression in the PR video is effective.

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