Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the program and the process.

If you have other questions you would like to know about, you may get in touch with us by sending your query to us here.

About the requirements...

You are welcome to try! We have had applicants who were pushing 30 but still got chosen. If you have the skills to show, you are very welcome to join.

Mainly IT Engineers, E&E Engineers, Digital Consultants, and some generalists for business students.

For IT and Engineering students, You need to be minimum equivalent to JLPT N4 before the interview, this will ensure you can adequately appeal yourself in the interviews. For Business and Art students, You need to be minimum equivalent to JLPT N2 before the interview.

Yes, as long as you are within 3 years after your graduation, it will still be considered as fresh-graduate entrance.

Students who major in IT/Engineering/Science (T&C applies), in preliminary & final year of their studies. For more information please visit: (FO Japanese Lesson)

There are several roles in the IT do not require proficiency in Japanese, however your skills should be relatively high. Nevertheless, to advance your career in Japan, it is better to have your Japanese language polished.

There are various reasons:
1) Your studies / Major: Unfortunately we do not cover all industries. If you are not within our main coverage, we are unable to help you.

2) Japanese: You are competing with top talents around the world, if your Japanese level is not within our minimum requirement, we are not able to proceed further with you. You might want to spend sometime to get your Japanese ready to improve your chances of being selected.

3) Minimum Requirements: Due to visa application, we only accept candidates who is graduating / graduated from a bachelor and/or above. Diploma and other certificate will not be considered.

About the process...

Japanese recruitment activities are very seasonal, ideally a year before your graduation.

Usually Japanese, but the interviewers know you are not native Japanese, you can talk slower, and including a portion of English if you need it.

1) You will be matched to companies that suitable to you professionally.

2) Our career consultants and mentors will help you to prepare the interviews.

3) We provide continuous support even after you land a job offer.

Once you have received an offer from the company, your company will sponsor and execute most of the procedures. You will be briefed before you enter the company.

FAST OFFER is a program that is free for all candidates. We recognize the remarkable technical skills of students from overseas. In our many years of experience, we have seen many students who were deterred by the cost and the lack of support and gave up looking for their desired job. At Study Go Work JAPAN, we want to transform the way students look for jobs. There is no hidden cost. Participating companies sponsor all the operational costs.

What you want might not be what is good for you. We match you with the companies suitable for you based on both requirements and background. Explore more and find out if it is a good match!

Yes, we will provide interview guidance, orientation and necessary manual to help you prepare better for the interviews.

Before the pandemic, we used to fly students from various cities in the world to Japan for face-to-face interviews. Recently, we have been hosting all interviews online.

With the pandemic, Japan closes its' border; as soon as a short-term visitor visa is resumed, we plan to resume face-to-face interviews in Japan.

Our interview weeks are occurring every month.

Yes, our main communication is through emails. Please check your junk/spam mailbox. For more clarifications, please contact: suppprt@asiatojapan.com

Open job positions highly depend on the companies that join each month. Because of that, our program accepts applications on a rolling basis. In other words, if the applicant's profile is good, we can keep on recommending them for each month that the applicant wishes to join to maximize the number of companies they can get exposed to.

Otherwise, if we think the profile is not good and no matter which company joins, no one will hire him, then we won't recommend the applicant multiple times.

Yes, you are competing with top talents around the world. In order for you to stand up, a good video will make a difference. Please follow our manual to ensure your communications over a video are effective.

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A talented graduate of metal materials engineering at Chulalongkorn University, the top in Thailand. The theme of my graduation research is about the wear comparison of “burrs” of coffee grinders using SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology. A student who can think in a coherent manner and feels clever. Through the Japanese class of ASIA to JAPAN, he reached the level where he can have an interview in Japanese in a short period of time. English is also high level.


A student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia, the top Indonesian university. In the graduation project, he conducted research on how changes in the position of the center of gravity affect the stability of automobiles and electric vehicles by repeating simulations using MATLAB. Interested in the manufacture and maintenance of automobiles and machinery. A serious and sincere student.


A female student majoring in Japanese and Chinese-English translation at the University of Hong Kong. At the university, she is active as a vice president of the Japanese Society for Research and has leadership. Through one year of study abroad experience at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and part-time intern experience in Japan, she learned Japanese culture and business manners and acquired polite Japanese communication skills. Human resources who can work positively on things.


A student of Malaysia’s top computer science major at Malaysian Institute of Technology. The theme of the graduation project was “Remote collaboration between augmented reality and virtual reality in mobile games”, and I created an android app using Unity. As an intern at a Malaysian IT company, she has practical experience such as creating iOS apps using Swift and working on APIs for web pages using C# and MySQL.