The Power of Aspiration: Robotics Career in Japan


A mechanical engineering student from India who holds the N1 certification. He speaks Japanese fluently and handles communication related to his specialized field of mechatronics with ease. One of his research projects involves designing and developing an agricultural robot to automate sowing and irrigation processes. He is responsible for coordinating the software and electrical components. In the process, he used Arduino Uno to program the robot’s operations. He has a strong interest not only in agriculture but also in environmentally friendly machinery.

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MIT World Peace University
Manufacturer that deals measuring instruments, medical devices, aerospace equipment, and industrial machinery

The story chronicles the journey of an ambitious individual from India, deeply fascinated by Japan’s pioneering machine manufacturing and programming industry. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Robotics and Automation, from MIT World Peace University, they set their sights on contributing to this cutting-edge field. Their awe at discovering that the equipment and technologies they admired—pneumatic and hydraulic control systems, microcontrollers, PLCs, and robots—were all made in Japan, ignited a passion to become part of this innovative landscape. This revelation led them to pursue further expertise, aiming to bridge their technical skills with Japan’s esteemed technological advancements. Their narrative is a testament to the power of aspiration and the importance of aligning one’s career with their passions, underscored by the assistance from FAST OFFER International in navigating their path towards achieving this dream.


Dreams Powered by Mechanical Engineering and Robotics 

Dreaming of a career in Japan’s cutting-edge machine manufacturing and programming industry, I found myself captivated by the world of automation and robotics. When I realized that the pneumatic and hydraulic control equipment around me, as well as microcontrollers, PLCs, and even large robots, were all made in Japan, I was truly amazed. It was a revelation that shaped my future—I knew I had to be part of that innovative sphere. 

Guided by a senior’s advice, I embarked on my journey with a simple yet profound step: learning Japanese. My quest led me to discover FAST OFFER International, offering not just a pathway to job hunting in Japan but also complimentary Japanese language classes. Eager, I dived into the classes, navigating through the basics of vocabulary and grammar, and engaging in vibrant group conversations. I still chuckle at the memory of mixing up my Keigo, a slip my patient teacher corrected with kindness, setting me on the path to fluently conversing in Japanese and eventually conquering the N1 level. 


Navigating the Future with FAST OFFER International 

FAST OFFER International wasn’t just another job-hunting avenue; it was a gateway to a realm where my aspirations could take flight. As I balanced my university studies with the pursuit of job opportunities in Japan, I set my sights on giants in robotics and automation. FAST OFFER International offered a direct line to these industry titans, promising not just interviews but a supportive environment replete with mock interviews to demystify the Japanese interview process. 


Securing My Future: How I Landed Job Offers from Japan’s Leading Tech Companies 

My perseverance was tested in November during my first interview with a renowned automobile manufacturer. My lack of automobile knowledge and inexperience with Japanese corporate interviews led to a setback, but I didn’t let it deter me. December brought a whirlwind of interviews with four different companies, a challenge I met head-on. It was challenging to prepare for interviews with four companies simultaneously, but I persevered until the end. I thoroughly researched each company from various aspects, such as company overview, president’s message, corporate culture, major operations, and key products. With meticulous research and guidance from mentors on everything from self-introductions to interview strategies, I emerged victorious, securing offers from all four. 

Choosing between four companies I admired was no small feat. After careful consideration of my interests and prospects, I chose a company at the forefront of medical and analytical equipment manufacturing. A December visit to their factory, where they craft machinery for space stations, sealed my decision. 


Charting My Career in Japan 

As I prepare to join my chosen company next April, I’m not resting on my laurels. I’m dedicated to improving my Japanese and seeking internships in automation and robotics to sharpen my technical skills. To those feeling uncertain about their future, remember: perseverance is key. What matters is to keep going. FAST OFFER International opens doors to numerous opportunities to work in Japan—embrace them. Keep pushing forward, and your dreams will take shape. 

To the incredible team at FAST OFFER International and ASIA to JAPAN, my heart is full of gratitude. Thank you for lighting the way on this remarkable journey. 

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