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A Kazakh student studying Japanese at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the Japanese language major, she is engaged in graduation research under the theme of “One Belt, One Road.” She doesn’t have JLPT, but can aim for N1 (currently reaches N2 level). Having studied abroad at Waseda University in Japan, she has a wide field of view. Highly understandable and smooth communication.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Foreign Language Studies


ASIA to JAPAN is a recruiting program recommended by the Dean of the Japanese Language Department at the university, but it was a rare opportunity for Japanese language students to apply without worry.

After applying, our faculty’s foreign instructors held a special interview preparation course for students who participated in ASIA to JAPAN recruitment activities. There are many students in the class other than the Japanese language department, and the content is familiar to those who are not good at Japanese, so even beginners can learn the Japanese employment process and interview skills. FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program) is the first Japanese job-hunting event I attended. I am a little anxious and nervous about these unknown fields. After learning about the job interview process in Japan, I began to hesitate to complete a full Japanese interview. Fortunately, before I went to Japan, the ASIA to JAPAN staff provided support. They kept in close contact with me and did not only a mock interview, but also a special one-on-one video training to understand the company information.

Looking back now, without ASIA to JAPAN training covering all aspects, it would have been difficult to pass the final interview and get an offer as smoothly. When I went to Japan, I happened to encounter a typhoon, and the ticket I had originally booked was canceled at midnight, and the staff suddenly contacted me to change my flight. I thought I couldn’t go to this interview in this situation, but the ASIA to JAPAN staff repeatedly promised that everything would go smoothly. Thanks to that, I arrived in Tokyo smoothly. There was an airport transfer volunteer at the airport, after which the staff took me to the hotel. These considerations are very kind and compassionate, with due consideration given to students who do not speak Japanese. For three days of the interview, I stayed at the hotel with other students. In the morning, a group of 3-4 people took a taxi to the interview site. There also is staff at the interview site so that you can communicate before and after the interview. The whole process was surprisingly smooth. On the third day, I went to the head office of the company I wanted for the final interview, but I also visited the company. As a result, we succeeded in getting the offer.

I am very grateful to the Dean for recommending such an excellent recruitment program. When I returned to Shanghai with an offer, I didn’t believe this was true at all. My impression is that job hunting should have been very difficult and troublesome, but thanks to ASIA to JAPAN, it has become very simple. Thanks to all the preparations, visa materials, airline ticket and hotel reservations, transportation to the interview site, etc., I was able to have an interview with the company I wanted. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the staff of ASIA to JAPAN. For students like me who want to work in Japan, I highly recommend the FAST OFFER Int’l program.




この研究では、中央アジアと日本の地域関係と、一帯一路での協力の可能性について研究です。 ロシアの中央アジアへの持続的な影響と現在の一帯一路の発展を考慮して、日本と中央アジアの関係の将来の協力が実行可能な方法を探ることを望んでいる。




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An Indian science student studying the JLPT-N2 level in the Department of Electronic Communication Engineering. The title of her graduation project is “Data Acquisition and Control Designing for Wearable Robots”, and she is working on the development of exoskeleton arms used in the medical field. Responsible for architecture design and control circuit development for robust control design. Has a soft impression and can communicate by grasping the facial expressions and feelings of the other party.


A female student majoring in electronic communication engineering with knowledge of both hardware and software. In the third grade project, she developed a wireless device to assist the driver of a car in driving and parking and was in charge of circuit design with the team leader. In addition to studying at university, she has participated in projects as an internship. Those who have a strong sense of responsibility to respect the opinions and actions of those around them and to act with leadership.


After working in industrial automation in his native Lebanon, he came to Japan to go on to graduate school. Researched robotics at Ishiguro Laboratory, Osaka University. The research theme is modeling and force estimation of an integrated static-electron hybrid linear actuator. Currently, he plans to study as a research assistant until September 2021. While having a cheerful and friendly personality, he also has a serious side that allows him to hold discussions. He’s studying Japanese, but his conversation ability is N4 or higher. Arabic and English are native.


In university research, IoT is used to predict and analyze human movements, and the aim is to reduce patient waiting time in hospitals by building a test system that monitors the patient’s body temperature and blood pressure. A bright, energetic and likable person.