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Mechanical engineering major from India. Interested in the automotive industry, he studied obstacle detection systems using LiDAR for his graduation research, designing and simulating the mechanism. As an intern, he was involved in quality assurance at an electric motorcycle factory. He is more interested than others in learning about Japanese technology, and continues to study Japanese language and design software on a daily basis in order to come to Japan.

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Mumbai University
Engineering and Design
Japanese company providing human resource services such as temporary staffing and outsourced contracting to manufacturing plants, mainly for major companies.

Interest in Japan 

 My fascination with Japan as a nation has deep roots. I’ve been a car enthusiast since childhood, and my interest in Japanese cars grew from there. Suzuki cars are common in India and my dad owns one as well. This particular car has been with me since I was a kid and has faithfully served for 15 years now. This enduring connection has created a strong emotional bond, filled with memories and a cherished history. 

 This passion for cars led me to gain a deeper interest in both the Japanese language and the country itself, ultimately capturing my attention and steering my determination towards pursuing opportunities in Japan.

College Life Experience that Led to My Career Choice

 A pivotal point in my journey was my involvement in the racing team.  I jumped into this in my second year and kept at it until my fourth year when I was the department leader. Every year, we took on the big challenge of designing and building a new car, just like a real F1 team’s demands. These times were an absolute blast, filled with endless fun and a strong sense of teamwork. 

 Being part of the racing team was a pretty intense extracurricular commitment. On a typical day, after slogging through eight hours of lectures, I’d pour another six hours into the racing team.  In my junior year, I started out by observing and helping senior members with design and manufacturing stuff. By my third year, I was in charge of all the paperwork. We had to come up with some clever solutions, from chipping in our own cash to hustling for sponsorships. 

 My role was especially big in the drive train department, dealing with crucial bits like the engine and wheels. I had to talk to company managers, explaining how we make stuff and convincing them to sponsor us. Through all of this, I gained confidence and a deep respect for the intricate world of teamwork and managing resources.

Learning Japanese: ASIA to JAPAN Classes and Challenges 

 My journey into learning Japanese started back in high school. However my college schedule clashed with the Japanese classes, so I had to drop them. But that curiosity to learn Japanese never really went away.

 After I graduated, I saw a chance to reignite my Japanese language quest. I signed up for Japanese classes. I had initially joined a private school for my Japanese language studies. But then one of my friends was just as into Japanese culture and was also part of the Japanese classes offered by the ASIA to JAPAN office. This unexpected connection turned into a goldmine of information.

 I’m fluent in Marathi and acquainted with Hindi. The parallel between these languages and Japanese grammar provided a unique advantage. In my class, where Hindi was a common thread among students, our sensei encouraged us to approach Japanese with a mindset similar to how we think in Hindi or Marathi. This strategic approach greatly simplified the learning process and contributed to my growing proficiency in the language. 

Experiences with ASIA to JAPAN 

 From the beginning, the ASIA to JAPAN team was offering guidance and laying the groundwork for my journey. As things moved forward, my mentor took on a crucial role, helping me through every step of the way. From the moment I had my company interview until now, she’s been a steady source of support and guidance. Their unwavering help has been pretty amazing.

 While I’m working on boosting my confidence, especially in business Japanese, I always keep the lines of communication open with my teachers. Their reassuring words usually start with a gentle acknowledgment of my concerns, followed by an invitation to reach out anytime I need guidance, clarification, or just a bit of reassurance. This unwavering availability and willingness to help have filled me with deep gratitude.

Impression about Japan

 When I think about Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is a society known for its politeness, kindness, and the genuine willingness of its people to lend a hand to those in need. This natural sense of community support is really heartwarming. There’s a deep commitment to punctuality that runs through every facet of life, from sticking to schedules to the seamless functioning of public transportation. This emphasis on being on time really speaks to the values Japan holds dear. I really value this sense of order and consistency.
 It’s in sync with my own personality, which amps up my excitement about the idea of diving into a culture that holds these principles in high regard. The draw of such disciplined harmony is truly captivating, to say the least. 

Job Interview

 The interview was held in an online format and was my first serious interview. I felt nervous. It was only my second time tackling such a challenge, and this time it was intensified by the fact that the interview was going to be entirely in Japanese. This linguistic unfamiliarity added an extra layer of tension to the situation. Notably, the interview had a distinct two-part structure. The first part, involving a conversation with a company representative, went quite smoothly.

 However, the second part consisted of an interview with an executive interviewer. At one point, I felt completely disconnected, struggling to keep up with the rapid flow of words. I mustered the courage to request a repetition of the question. To my relief, the interviewer repeated the question. This understanding act gave me the opportunity to regain my composure. I encountered so many new words in that interview that I didn’t even know existed. Looking back, I am truly grateful for the consideration shown to me during that critical moment.

Career Plans and Goals

 Regarding my career goals, I want to be a significant part of a design team, especially one focused on automotive design. This dream has been with me since I was a kid when I used to picture myself single-handedly crafting cars. My current goal is to contribute to a collaborative design team, using my creativity and expertise to enhance the development of automobiles. This aspiration drives my determination as I begin this exciting chapter of my career. 


Message for students looking for opportunities in Japan 

 If you’re thinking about it and truly have a strong desire to embark on this journey, along with a readiness to invest your dedication and hard work, then I wholeheartedly encourage you to go for the opportunity to work in Japan through this program. Be assured, that you won’t be going down this path by yourself. Every step of the way, there’s a solid support network ready to guide and assist you. With this support structure in place, you won’t have to hold onto any lingering concerns. You have a community ready to stand beside you. 

 In this venture, your determination to learn Japanese is key. It’s a commitment that requires both time and sincere effort. While challenges may come up, they are definitely conquerable with persistence and dedication. This experience promises growth and invaluable life lessons, and I genuinely believe you have the potential to thrive in it. 

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