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A master's student majoring in mechanical engineering at the University of Tokyo graduate school. An excellent student with academic performance GPA of 4.0 / 4.0 at graduate school. In graduate school, he studied the adsorption properties of water for a type of porous material called "MOF (Metal-Organic Frameworks)" using a molecular simulation method. He has excellent and abundant experience as a researcher, having been selected as a research intern at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, the University of Alberta, and the University of Tokyo. For one year as an engineer trainee at a major German specialty chemicals manufacturer, to review and verify existing safety valves against external fires based on API 521, create material balance and energy balance of the plant, and improve the efficiency and capacity of the plant, as well as experience proposing new ideas to improve plant efficiency and capacity.



University of Tokyo
Mechanical Engineering


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My Master’s thesis title is “water transport in metal organic frameworks” having application in desiccant based air-conditioning systems.
Desiccant based evaporative cooling systems have gained much attention due to several factors like less electricity consumption, environment friendly materials (zeolite, silica gel etc.). For this system solar energy or low grade heat obtained from industries can be used to generate electricity. In these systems, the required cooling is obtained through the adsorption of moisture from air on a porous material called adsorbent. Hence the goal of this research is to find a suitable adsorbent as well as understanding the various factors affecting the transport of the water vapor inside the adsorbent.

I am using molecular simulation techniques to study the water adsorption characteristics of a type of porous materials called “Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)”. After this study, I wish to design an experimental setup to evaluate the performance of these materials with that of zeolite, silica or activated carbon based desiccant based evaporative cooling systems.


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