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Majored in mechanical engineering at the University of Indonesia. As a research theme, he's working on creating an augmented reality application that simulates a robot arm. He is a student with a strong interest in learning and communication skills, such as participating in internships in design and manufacturing as an engineer and continuously participating in Japanese classes at ASIA to JAPAN.



Universitas Indonesia
Mechanical Engineering


As a final-year student, I have to think about my future. If I want to make a career, I want to start in a developed country. Then, I got information from my senior about the FAST OFFER International program, which provides free Japanese language lessons and opportunities to work in Japan. I was immediately interested after seeing it. Even though I’ve never learned Japanese, I’m still giving it a try. We learned basic Japanese, vocabulary, and grammar for a year. I’m totally blind to reading Japanese. I had to put more effort into the first week to memorize hiragana and katakana. Sensei is also very helpful in the learning process. They are very enthusiastic and patient in teaching. After that, I got used to it and continued to progress.

I continue to hone my Japanese skills by studying and practicing with Japanese people from FAST OFFER. Along the way, I got invitations to talk to people from FAST OFFER. They wanted to know the extent of my Japanese language skills. They also asked me about my thesis and what kind of job I wanted. Then at the second invitation, I had to be able to explain my thesis in Japanese because it was pretty important during the interview. then long story short, I was asked to make a 1-minute introduction video, essay, and PowerPoint about my thesis. And then it happened, I got interview offers after sending the files. I was instantly excited and nervous. Fortunately, after sufficient preparation and training with the mentors provided by FAST OFFER, I passed the interview for the world’s leading providing company of automated material handling solutions. I’m really happy to have passed 2 stages of the online interviews with the company.

I am very grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank FAST OFFER International for guiding me from the beginning. Thanks to FAST OFFER International, I have not only gotten a job in Japan but the job is also in line with my interests. Although the classes were quite tiring and learning Japanese was not that easy, it was all worth it.


私の最終プロジェクトでは、Fanuc M-900iB/700というロボットアームをシミュレートする拡張現実アプリケーションを作成する予定です。ライダーセンサーを使うことで、ある地点からセンサーまでの深さや距離を知ることができます。ライダーセンサーから取得したデータをもとに、正確な奥行き感を持つ拡張現実を実現することができます。そのため、工具や機械が密集している実際の作業環境でのロボットの動きの限界を知ることができるのです。これは、アプリケーションでロボットをシミュレートするだけでも可能です。


このプロジェクトを始めてから3ヵ月後、私は仮想の物体を現実の世界に持ち込むための簡単なアプリケーションを作りました。また、ボタンを押せば動かせるように、ロボットアームの関節を学び、設計しました。次に、私を含む2人のチームは、ライダーセンサーを購入する計画を立てています。そのセンサーを学習して point cloud データを取り、アームロボットが動作する環境の拡張現実を作ることができるようにするためです。



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