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A graduate from Malaysia who works for a Malaysian corporation of a Japanese general electric appliance manufacturer majoring in mechanical design at the Japanese business level. He’s involved in the operation of the ODM factory and is involved in the coordination of development plans using Japanese, English, and Chinese. In his graduation research, he used SolidWorks, ANSYS, and MATLAB to study the effects of the gradual convergence and divergence of the exhaust manifold on the backpressure of a two-wheeled vehicle. Having acquired JLPT Level 1 and still having work experience using Japanese, smooth communication in multiple languages ​​can be expected.



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I have always dreamed about life in Japan when I was a teenager. In fact, my interest in Japan was first cultivated by anime and manga. From that, I fascinated myself with learning Japanese to make my dream come true. Due to my personal reason and condition, I only take action to find a job in Japan after completing my bachelor’s degree in a local university. This is not an easy task, as common people will choose to study Japanese in a Japanese language school before living and working in Japan. One day, I inadvertently came across FAST OFFER International Program (formerly Study Go Work JAPAN Program), an online interview event program under ASIA to JAPAN when I was surfing for Japan job information on the internet. I was so excited and thus I participated in the program immediately. After a while, since my registration was completed, I was invited to have an interview session with an ASIA to JAPAN admin. The interviewer inquired about the salary, available date, the type of company that I wish to work with, etc. Once I passed the interview, I was required to submit the information such as FYP research summary, a PDF document of FYP, essay of “Why I want to work in Japan” and 1-minute PR video. I still remembered that I accidentally missed out the prompt email, so eventually, I did not submit the information on time. However, the ASIA to JAPAN staff was kind and polite enough to follow up and accept my submission even though I was late. After a few months of the job matching process, finally I was selected to attend an interview with H. company. Before joining the interview, an orientation was held by ASIA to JAPAN to assist in preparing the interview questions and fixing the interview schedule with H. company. Fortunately, I successfully passed the two interviews and received the job offer as a design development engineer in H. company. All these events only occurred within two weeks period; hence this is very fast. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to Ms. Aoji, who always support me along the journey to work in Japan. Now I am cooperating with Ms. Aoji to accomplish the required procedure to enter Japan and I am looking forward to joining H. company in April 2022. Thank you.




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