Embarking on a Japanese Adventure: An Indonesian’s Career Journey in Japan


He is a master’s student studying aerospace engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology, a top science and engineering university in Indonesia. For his graduation research, he created a finite element model using ABAQUS and conducted an analysis on the low-velocity impact and post-impact compression of composite materials. He expresses a desire to work in the field of mechanical design and development in Japan, which is known for its advanced technological environment.

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From Osaka Dreams to Tokyo Reality: An Indonesian Graduate’s Journey to a Career in Japan

After a transformative study tour in Osaka during high school, Japan seemed like an unattainable dream due to language barriers and the stark differences from my home in Indonesia. However, FAST OFFER International changed that, turning the dream of working in Japan into a tangible goal. Despite initial setbacks and language challenges, the comprehensive support from FAST OFFER, including mentorship and Japanese classes, simplified the job-hunting process. His journey was fraught with rejections and self-doubt, but the encouragement from a network of friends and self-compassion kept him persistent. Finally, after multiple interviews and embracing every learning opportunity, he secured a job offer from a Japanese company. This experience taught him the importance of perseverance, the value of self-kindness, and the power of community support in overcoming challenges. 


From Osaka Visit to Aspiring for a Career in Japan 

 During my high school years, I embarked on a 10-day study tour to Osaka with a friend, a trip my parents hoped would spark my interest in learning Japanese. Despite having no prior knowledge of the language and only taking brief classes beforehand, the experience was eye-opening. We explored vibrant areas like Dotonbori, ventured to Kyoto, and enjoyed Universal Studios, immersing ourselves in Japan’s polite culture, clean streets, and advanced infrastructure—a stark contrast to my hometown in Indonesia, which lacked public transport. 

This visit showcased Japan’s efficient, pedestrian-friendly cities, yet it paradoxically made the idea of living there seem even more like an unattainable dream. The importance of Japanese proficiency and the challenges I faced learning the language further convinced me that a future in Japan was beyond my reach, despite the country’s allure. 


How FAST OFFER International Made Japan Accessible 

After completing my bachelor’s degree and starting my master’s, I was introduced to FAST OFFER International, which opened the door to the possibility of working in Japan. The program, free of charge, promised access to Japan’s advanced technology sector, offering exciting opportunities for engineers. Despite failing my first interview, I persevered, and success in a subsequent interview kick-started my job-hunting journey in Japan. 


Simplifying the Job Search in Japan 

The process with FAST OFFER was transparent and simplified, providing detailed information about job opportunities, including aspects often obscured in typical job searches, such as salary details. Furthermore, FAST OFFER offered comprehensive mentorship and Japanese language classes to enhance my conversational skills, crucial for overcoming my lack of practice since high school. This support was instrumental in navigating the job-hunting process, transforming what seemed complicated into a manageable and straightforward path. 


Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones  

While completing my master’s, I only managed minimal effort in learning Japanese, leaving me ill-prepared for my first job interview. Recognizing my shortcomings, I sought mentorship from FAST OFFER International, where the reality of my language barrier became apparent. Despite initial setbacks and failing my first interview due to inadequate Japanese proficiency, I refused to surrender. I immersed myself in the language by replaying and analyzing mentoring sessions and engaging with Japanese media. This rigorous approach eventually paid off, as I noticed significant improvement by my third interview. Although language ceased to be a barrier, I wasn’t the right fit for the company. These experiences underscored the need for serious Japanese study, motivating me to intensify my efforts post-thesis. Through dedicated practice and enhanced exposure to Japanese, I prepared more effectively for future opportunities, marking a pivotal improvement in my job-hunting journey in Japan. 


Navigating Job-Hunting Challenges 

After facing three rejections, I felt disheartened and considered shifting my focus to local Indonesian companies. However, before I could proceed, FAST OFFER presented another chance, reigniting my determination to persevere. 

The resilience to overcome these setbacks came from a supportive network of friends who shared this journey. Together, we experienced both challenges and triumphs, offering mutual encouragement and studying for the JLPT. This camaraderie, combined with self-compassion, reminded me that failure and rejection were merely steps towards achieving my goals. 

I reminded myself that setbacks didn’t negate the progress I had made, especially in improving my Japanese language skills. Acknowledging the effort already invested, I refused to let it go to waste. This self-encouragement helped me maintain hope and continue striving towards my objective, reinforcing the belief that persistence would eventually lead to success. 


As Long as You Keep Moving, There’s Hope.  

Seizing the chance for in-person job interviews with three Japanese companies, I embarked on a 6-day trip to Japan, sponsored by FAST OFFER International. My journey started on a rough note as I fell ill due to sleep deprivation and the cold, marking my first winter experience. Despite a rocky start, I was determined to push through. 

My first interview faced unexpected challenges, shifting to an online format last minute, leading to technical issues that hampered my ability to hear the questions clearly. Nevertheless, the subsequent interviews went smoother, boosting my confidence. However, by the end of the day, I learned I had failed two out of three interviews, leaving me with mixed feelings about the single opportunity I had managed to secure. 

The following day brought a wave of relief as I received a job offer from the remaining company. Although initially hesitant, the joy of finally achieving a job offer outweighed my reservations. My excitement grew when, after a company tour that showcased the factory and dorms, I saw firsthand the complex machinery I would be working with. This insight into the company’s operations and a meaningful conversation with the general manager solidified my decision to accept the offer. That night, feeling fully committed and envisioning my future in Japan, I signed the contract, ready to embark on this new chapter of my life. 


A New Chapter Begins 

I’m set to join a Japanese company soon, focusing on improving my Japanese and awaiting JLPT 3 results. As I search for an internship, the intense period of job hunting feels like a recent memory. Yet, the anticipation of a new life in Japan, shared with friends who embarked on this journey with me, fills me with joy. My perseverance through challenges has paved the way for this exciting chapter. 

I encourage others to explore the opportunities FAST OFFER International offers. Embrace self-compassion amidst adversity, as it fuels the belief in reaching your goals despite obstacles. Persist, and the path to your aspirations in Japan will unfold. 

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