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She has graduated from the University of Pune, India, with a degree in Computer Science. For her graduation project, she worked on developing a wildfire detection system using machine learning. Her skills include MySQL, Java, Python, and C++.

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Savitribai Phule Pune University
Computer Science
Japanese company providing human resource services such as temporary staffing and outsourced contracting to manufacturing plants, mainly for major companies.

– The reasons why I came to be interested in Japan –

I came to be interested in working in Japan because there were many job opportunities for engineers. Also, when I watched YouTube videos about life in Japan, I found it very interesting that the different lifestyles in Japan, especially punctuality. 

Dreaming of working in Japan as an engineer, I started studying Japanese in the second year of graduation. And I joined Japanese classes at Pune University, called “Hirameki Classes”. The teachers taught us with a lot of enthusiasm, and I was very fascinated by their teaching style. It was very simple and easy to understand for me. Also, each of them had personal experiences living in Japan, so they often talked about their life experiences during the classes. One of the teachers had experience attending a Japanese language school in Japan, and she told us that everything was so punctual and life in Japan was so convenient. Thus, during their talks, I could know the reality of life in Japan even though I’d never been to Japan. Thanks to the class, I could keep my motivation to learn Japanese. I’ve been studying for about 3 and a half years without giving up and passed JLPT N3. Now I’m studying Japanese very hard to clear JLPT N2. 

For those who study Japanese, I think practicing speaking Japanese is very important because we have limited sources and environments to touch Japanese, so we have no choice but to practice speaking on our own. And when you speak Japanese, you can think in different ways, and it improves your vocabulary. Also, if you go and work in Japan, kanji is quite important. So, you must stay in touch by writing kanji as well.    

– Job-hunting process through FAST OFFER International –

During the Hirameki classes, the teachers told us about ASIA to JAPAN. They told us that it had a program for students majoring in engineering and hoped to work in Japan. That’s when I met ASIA to JAPAN and FAST OFFER International. I registered it in 2021 and the job-hunting process had started then. 

I’m sure getting through the job-hunting process in Japan by myself is very tough, but FAST OFFER International guided me very well. The staff looked at my interests and matched me with the companies. Also, they gave us more information about the companiesprofiles and conducted mock interviews before I took the actual interviews. It was quite helpful because every company has different approaches and characteristics. Furthermore, I took mock interviews a lot with my mentors too. It was helpful because through practicing interviews and getting feedback from them, I could improve my answers and understand the companies as well. Overall, they gave me the confidence to overcome the process.  

Still, it took a long time to get an acceptance. I registered with FAST OFFER International in 2021 and succeeded in getting an acceptance in 2023, so it took about 2 years. This is because I joined the program a little later than other students and couldn’t prepare well for the first chance of interviews. Also, Japanese language ability is also needed to pass the interviews, so I’m sure there are lots of things to prepare for job interviews in Japan. 

– Interview experiences –

I took 3 companies’ interviews online in March 2023. All the process was very smooth because ASIA to JAPAN organized everything with me and the companies together.  

I had expected the interview for the company I was being offered to work for would be difficult because I had previously taken interviews with 2 companies and couldn’t pass those. However, I felt it was a little easier than the other 2 companies. I guess by taking 2 interviews before, I could get used to the atmosphere and clarify my thoughts and answers. So, I felt confident going into the interview.  

I was very happy when I got the acceptance from the company. I thought finally I could find a job and all the efforts paid off. Even now, I can’t believe that I passed the interviews and will work in Japan.  

– Goals at the company and message to viewers –

   I chose the company because it places value on IT engineering. I majored in computer engineering at university and have programming skills, and it’s similar to the job I’m doing right now in India. So, I suppose I would easily understand the job and make use of my skills at the company. 

   I have some goals at the company. Firstly, I would like to get to know more people at the company. Also, I’m sure no matter where I go, I would be able to grab new things easily, so I want to put so much effort into learning new technology. Using my knowledge, I want to try to do my best in the workplace. Lastly, I want to be able to work without any dependency on other people.  

   I will join the company in April next year and I have lots of time until then. So, I would like to study more about the expected work and conduct some mandatory training offered by the company. Also, I must improve my Japanese ability. Right now, I only have Japanese speaking skills for interviews and daily situations, so I must learn business Japanese and business manners in Japan as well. 

  To those who want to work in Japan, I would like to say that ASIA to JAPAN is a good place to start job-hunting in Japan because they simplify the process for you. Possibly it took a long time to get a job in Japan like me, but please don’t give up. Your effort will pay off someday. So, keep trying to find a job which you really want to do. Thank you. 

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